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Total home disinfection service from The Healthy Home®, designed to eliminate all germs from your home. Book this service after the quarantine period has ended to keep your home protected.

Covid-19 Disinfection and Home Sanitization Service

Protect your home from harmful viruses with The Healthy Home®

It's important to take the necessary measures after coming into contact with any harmful virus, let alone one as serious as Covid-19. Once you've quarantined at home and recovered, it's highly recommended to have your home fully disinfected and sanitized by an approved sanitization service provider in order to completely remove any traces of the virus from your home.

Professional cleaning companies like The Healthy Home® offer disinfection and sanitization services that are approved by The Dubai Municipality. We use medical-grade disinfectants and sanitizing agents that are delivered via disinfection fogger and are specifically meant to eliminate and protect against Covid-19. It's important to choose a cleaning company that has been approved for Covid-19 disinfection services, as regular cleaning services are not meant for removing all traces of viruses such as Covid-19.

We use a disinfection fogger machine equipped with a medical-grade disinfectant that is designed to combat viruses, especially Covid-19, and ensures that the treated rooms will be completely free of Covid-19. Our disinfection experts will always the neccesary precautions when entering your home to apply this treatment. That means being fully equipped with PPE and ensuring that all the equipment is sanitized before and after the treatment.

Safety is our utmost priority when it comes to dealing with Covid-19, and as a professional cleaning service in Dubai we make sure to cover all requirements and take all the necessary steps to ensure your safety.

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Is it necessary to sanitize and disinfect my home after a Covid-19 case?

It is highly recommended to disinfect your home, to eliminate any risk to you and your family. While many Covid-19 cases do not end up causing any serious health risks to the affected person, you cannot be too sure that the effects will be the same in other people. So, it is best to avoid taking unnecessary risks and prevent spreading the virus to others who may be living in your home, whether directly through human or contact or indirectly via traces of the virus being on a surface or object that was near the person who was quarantining. Disinfecting and sanitizing your home, and especially the same room that was used for quarantine purposes, will help prevent the spread of the virus in your home.

We recommend choosing The Healthy Home® for your sanitization and disinfection needs. Our experts are always ready to help keep you safe.

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