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Water and Pipeline Services for a Clean and Safe Home

The Importance of having clean water

Unlike in most other regions of the world, each house in the UAE typically comes equipped with its own water tank (or sometimes, several water tanks). Unfortunately, this means that the water itself is typically unfiltered and can often reach your water tank in a dirty state, and then go from your water tank through your home's pipes still in the same dirty state.

Filtration and disinfection of water are practically non-existent in many areas, and you are ultimately relying on your immune system as the only line of defense to protect you from any unsafe materials that happen to be in the water you use.

That's why The Healthy Home® offers services for water tank cleaning and disinfection of water pipelines. These services are designed to be done regularly in order to ensure that your water tank is thoroughly sanitized and deep cleaned at all times of the year. A clean water tank helps keep the water quality at the highest possible level, eliminating impurities such as dirt, debris, and bacteria from your water as it enters your home.

We also offer services for disinfection of water pipelines and water quality testing to better cover your home's water quality needs.

Our Water And Pipeline Services

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How do water and pipeline services protect you? 

Dirty water has been linked to an increase in hair loss and skin irritation, and you are probably aware of how damaging the shower can be on your hair and skin when the water is not clean. A clean water tank can help protect your skin and hair by improving the water quality.

Additionally, as with most things, regular cleaning can help reduce maintenance costs, as a dirty water tank is more likely to require repairs due to rust or damage to the container.

As for the disinfection of water pipeline services, they help add an extra layer of safety by maintaining properly disinfected pipes for the water to flow through. Combined with having a clean water tank, clean pipelines can ensure that the water doesn't come into contact with any contaminant to reach your taps and sinks. This also means fewer plumbing issues, which can save you some money in the long run.

We have a unique multi-stage disinfection process for our non-chemical water tank cleaning services that help to ensure that any bacteria inside your water tank is eliminated and no residue or debris is left behind in the tank.

We also offer dedicated swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services that help maintain excellent water quality in your pool while also keeping the facilities clean and well maintained.

Our Pure Water®️ services will ensure a clean water tank, clean pipelines, and overall better water quality. Book your wellness-enhancing home service today!

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