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Often incorrectly referred to as "white ants", termites are one of the less common pests in the UAE. Termite infestations are not as common as cockroaches or bed bugs, for instance. However, depending on your location and type of residence, you can still be at risk of attracting termite swarmers to your home.

Termite swarmers are usually among the first noticeable signs that your home either has a termite infestation or is about to. Termite swarmers act as a termite colony's scouts, and will often "inspect" your home in an effort to determine if it is suitable for them to build a colony there. In most cases, these termite swarmers will then signal to the test of the colony to move into (or next to) your home.

A termite infestation is particularly inconvenient for any homeowner, primarily because it can remain hidden for a very long time, and also because the damage done can be severe and difficult to repair. Termites naturally prefer to remain hidden and unexposed to the elements, which is why they will take steps to ensure that their colony is sealed off from outside air. A termite colony can remain undetected while it expands, as the termite workers build tunnels inside wooden structures. Any wooden object occupied by termites will suffer alot of structural damage within a short amount of time.

As a result of this, you should contact a professional pest control company to help you deal with your termite problem in the fastest possible time.

All our pest control products and pest control experts have been certified and approved by national pest management association, Dubai Municipality, and Green Emirates.

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How do termite infestations happen?

A termite infestation can typically occur after termite swarmers have scouted out your house and reported back to their colony. If you notice swarmers, but can't seem to find the infestation, then chances are the termite colony hasn't arrived yet. This means you have a small window of time to prepare and potentially prevent the infestation before it happens, by contacting professional termite killers from a trusted pest control company.

Termites may choose to make their way into your home and set up their colony in appropriate conditions. However, it is also possible that the termites might set up their colony just outside your home. This usually happens when you have a backyard with trees or some large wooden furniture or floors outside. This allows them to stay hidden while they occasionally raid your home's food sources (both the food in your fridge and the "food" from wooden furniture.

Ultimately, if you find even a single termite in a house, then that house could already be marked for an impending infestation. Other telltale signs may include:

  • wooden shavings or termite droppings being found near or under furniture
  • exposed termite tunnels running up walls or directing to food surfaces
  • layer damage or tunnels being detected on or inside any wooden surface

Professional termite killers and pest control companies can help remove an infestation or prevent it altogether, depending on how quickly you are able to identify the problem. Preventative measures can include placing a repellant in key areas outside your home that will signal to any termite swarmers near your home that this is not a suitable place for their colony. This can also be considered a form of termite infestation future-proofing as this kind of repellant treatment is long-lasting and will prevent future risk of termite swarmers from appearing.

The Healthy Home® is home wellness service provider with a dedicated pest control department. Our pest control experts are well equipped to prevent and remove termites in and around your home. Contact us for professional pest control services today!

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