Indoor Environmental Testing Service

Increase your awareness and make educated decisions with The Healthy Home®, your one-stop premium provider for all your home needs. Experience reliable and precise indoor air quality testing, water testing, asthma and allergy testing, and testing for mold in your body or your home performed by qualified lab experts. Explore our services today and connect with our wellness consultants for personalized tests and tailored recommendations.


Improve your health and lifestyle with our indoor environment testing services

Booking our comprehensive indoor environmental testing services helps you gain valuable insights into the quality of the space you inhabit. With air quality testing, you gain a clear understanding of any pollutants or allergens present, empowering you to make informed decisions to enhance indoor air quality. Water testing helps identify potential contaminants, prompting necessary actions to ensure the safety of your drinking water. Our mold testing for your home detects early signs of growth, enabling proactive measures to prevent respiratory issues and property damage. Additionally, we also offer testing for mold in your body, a test that allows you to learn if you are suffering from mold toxicity or illness. By raising awareness through our testing services, you gain the knowledge needed to make impactful decisions, ultimately fostering a healthier and safer indoor environment for you and your family. Take the first step towards improved indoor quality by booking our environment testing services today.


How do you measure indoor environmental quality?


The Healthy Home® collaborates with skilled laboratory professionals who use cutting-edge technology to provide a wide array of tests, including assessments of indoor air and water quality, as well as mold testing for both residential spaces and blood samples. These tests yield accurate and detailed reports for your convenience.

Are these tests performed by The Healthy Home® team?


No, The Healthy Home® does not conduct these tests internally. Instead, we have established partnerships with accredited laboratory experts who specialize in various aspects of indoor environmental quality testing. These trusted professionals bring their specialized knowledge and advanced testing capabilities to our platform, ensuring that our clients receive comprehensive and accurate assessments. 

How accurate are your tests?


Our tests uphold a standard of exceptional accuracy, as they are meticulously conducted by our team of highly qualified lab experts. These professionals possess extensive training and expertise in their respective fields, ensuring that each test is carried out with precision and attention to detail. Through their careful methodology and adherence to high-quality standards, we can confidently deliver reliable and precise results to our clients. 

Do you provide recommendations for improving indoor conditions following the testing services?


Yes, following the completion of our testing services and the delivery of test reports and analyses, our experts provide tailored recommendations to enhance your indoor environment and overall well-being. These suggestions may include services and products that are personalized to address specific issues identified during the testing process, ensuring that you receive targeted guidance for improving your indoor conditions.

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