blu® Ionic Shower Filters

Revitalize your hair and skin with shower head filters

blu® Ionic Shower Filters Revitalize your hair and skin with shower head filters

Enhance your well-being with blu®’s eco-friendly high-tech health and wellness products. Rejuvenate your hair and skin while boosting your immunity with ionic shower filters and air purifiers.

About blu®

Founded in 2012, blu® offers intelligent health solutions that will improve the lives and well-being of people with affordable yet effective products that address health problems at the root cause, specifically hair and skin issues. When living in the UAE, experiencing hair fall and skin irritation during and after showers is very common. The cause could range from exposure to a dry and hot climate to showering with poor-quality water to spending most of our time in air-conditioned environments. While there are many products in the market claiming to help with hair loss and skin irritation, most of them do not address the root cause of these issues. Our verified partners specialize in eco-friendly high-tech products like ionic shower filters that can purify your shower water while significantly saving energy and water consumption. In addition to shower filters, blu® also offers ionic air purifiers for your home along with refill cartridges, spare parts, and accessories for your shower filters. The products are sustainable, easy to install, and provide many health benefits including moisturized skin, revitalized scalp, and boosted immunity.

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How do shower head filters work?

blu®'s shower head filters are designed to ensure that you enjoy a refreshing and safe shower every time. By utilizing advanced technology and efficient filtration mechanisms, these filters effectively remove impurities and contaminants from your water supply. This not only enhances the purity of your shower water but also contributes to better skin and hair health by ionizing the water. Additionally, the reduced consumption of water and energy helps to promote environmental sustainability, making these filters an excellent choice for eco-conscious individuals. Overall, investing in blu®'s high-quality ionic shower filter is a simple yet impactful way to improve both your well-being and the planet's health.

Benefits of blu® ionic shower filters

  • Stops hair loss

  • Moisturizes skin

  • Saves water & energy

  • Easy installation

Why choose blu® shower filters?

blu® shower filters offer a compelling choice for those seeking a convenient and healthy showering solution. With an elegant design that seamlessly integrates into any bathroom, these filters eliminate the need for bulky additional parts and come in 3 different fittings and unique colors to suit diverse shower setups. Beyond aesthetics, blu® filters prioritize hair and skin health. By removing harmful chemicals and pollutants from shower water, they prevent hair loss, revitalize the scalp, moisturize, and rejuvenate the skin. The patented micro hydration technology ensures deep hydration, leaving your skin radiant and healthy. Moreover, the innovative design generates negative ions, which can naturally boost immunity, making blu® shower filters a holistic choice for wellness-conscious individuals. So protect your skin and hair the right way, get in touch or explore our shop now to know more.

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Is a blu® shower filter worth it?


Absolutely, investing in a blu® shower filter is unequivocally worth it. These filters not only purify your water, eliminating harmful contaminants, but they also ionize it, enriching it with millions of beneficial negative ions. This ionized water not only ensures skin moisture retention and helps prevent hair loss but also enhances oxygen intake, leading to improved immunity, mood, and energy levels. Furthermore, our blu® shower filters are designed with unique features that contribute to environmental sustainability, saving both energy and water. In essence, choosing a blu® shower filter isn't just about cleaner water; it's about enhancing your overall shower experience, promoting wellness, and embracing a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

How does the Ionic Shower Filter save water and energy?


The Ionic Shower Filter incorporates a Neoperl® flow controller, meticulously designed to regulate water flow in compliance with the most stringent international standards for water and energy conservation. By efficiently managing water usage, our filter helps reduce both water consumption and energy expenditure, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly showering experience without compromising on performance or comfort.

How long does your shower filter last?


Our blu® shower filters typically last between 70 to 100 showers, depending on usage and water quality. However, to continue enjoying the full benefits of our filters, we recommend replacing them after reaching this threshold. By regularly replacing your filter, you can maintain optimal performance and continue to experience the cleanest, most refreshing showers possible.

Will the ionic shower filter fit my shower filter?


Absolutely! The Ionic Shower Filter is designed with versatility in mind, offering 3 different variants to seamlessly accommodate any standard hose or shower fixture. Whether you have a traditional shower setup or a modern fixture, you can trust that our filter will effortlessly integrate, providing you with the ultimate in purified, revitalizing shower experiences.

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