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Mattress Cleaning in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Why is mattress cleaning necessary?

We spend 1/3 of our time on our mattress, it is inevitable that our mattress becomes home to millions of dust mites, bacteria and many other living organisms, which are medically proven to trigger several health problems such as Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, and morning fatigue. To maintain a clean mattress and a healthy lifestyle, instead of trying to figure out how to clean your mattress, a proper deep mattress cleaning by a professional who knows how to clean your mattress, has become essential.

What are the benefits of mattress cleaning? 

Our mattress cleaning technology, exclusive to The Healthy Home® in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the Middle East, is the world’s first and only medical-grade mattress sanitization technology using Germicidal UltraViolet Light (GUVL), specifically designed to eliminate dust mites, bacteria, and other living organisms in the mattress and guarantees: 

  • Better sleep quality 
  • Easier breathing
  • Improved energy levels 
  • Boosted immune system 
  • Allergy & Asthma relief
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How to Clean a Mattress?

Whether it's a spill on a mattress or something more serious like a sudden allergy trigger, we're sure you've tried to figure out how to clean a mattress on your own. We're here to tell you that you need to stop worrying about how to clean the mattress and leave it to professional mattress cleaning companies, because we know how to clean your mattress, just like we have cleaned thousands of mattresses since 2013.

Vacuuming your mattress regularly will not have the same effect of using an industrial-grade vacuum for eliminating the millions of dust mites living in your mattress. You don't need to know how to clean your mattress, instead, to ensure a healthier living and a proper clean mattress we suggest that you turn to professionals who know how to clean your mattress and use the right mattress cleaning machines with safe, eco-friendly, and chemical-free mattress cleaning solutions for the safety of your family. 

Another reason that it would be pointless for you to try to figure out how to clean a mattress is because you wouldn't have the right equipment to do so. What does a professional deep mattress cleaning look like? It’s a multistage process that makes use of advanced cleaning technology.

At The Healthy Home®, we follow a three-step process to ensure the best and safest result for your mattress by using:

  • A specialized industrial-strength pulsating vacuum device with HEPA filtration which is 11x stronger than a normal household vacuum cleaner.
  • Medical-grade Germicidal Ultraviolet Light (GUVL) technology that destroys DNA of microorganisms & bacteria.
  • Dry Steam sanitization at 180°C killing any remaining bacteria, viruses, and impurities, and dries in less than 1 minute eliminating chances of mold generation.

Dust mites tend to regrow to their original quantities of 2 million every 6 months. To maintain the same benefits, instead of trying to figure out how to clean the mattress, turn to professionals as medical experts recommend to repeat the professional mattress cleaning service every 6 months.

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