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Optimize your health with the world’s most personalized swiss-made supplements designed to enhance longevity and improve quality of life.

About bioniq?

bioniq is an international health-tech company with presence across Europe, the UK and the Middle East. The mission of bioniq is to make health accessible and actionable by providing clients with a research-based, clinically proven health support platform, driven by world-leading data.


bioniq LIFE


bioniq LIFE is a personalised health support system designed to support your health and enhance quality of life. Your body is unique, so your supplements should be too. 

Based on the results of a comprehensive blood analysis, bioniq creates tailor-made supplement formulas for each unique client, consisting of up to 53 components, aimed to target deficiencies and support optimal health. Clients can track their health progress with the bioniq App while following a bespoke recommendation plan set by a clinical dietitian.

Optimise your health with bioniq - the world’s most personalized Swiss-made supplements.

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