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About The Healthy Home Services

The leading company in creating healthy lifestyle and environments

About The Healthy Home Services

About Us

The leading company in creating healthy lifestyle and environments

The leading company in creating healthy environments

Established in 2013, The Healthy Home® is a regional company with cutting edge and eco-friendly technology and products. This concept was inspired by a family history of asthma, and other respiratory allergies rooting from the extreme weather conditions in the Middle East. With many factors around us starting to effect our wellbeing on a daily basis, we evolved our mission to being wellness activists and aim to provide a holistic direction through The Healthy Home® by building a community that leads a healthier lifestyle at home and beyond. We have taken our holistic approach to UAE, KSA, and Kuwait with hopes of inspiring as many homes and families live a fuller, happier and a healthier life.

Your Home Environment Can Have a Huge Positive Impact on Your Health and Wellness.

We are passionate about making holistic wellness a bigger part of your daily life, by providing a variety of wellness services.

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Who We Serve

Healthy Home

We focus on creating wellness-oriented environments and services to enable healthy habits

Healthy Hospitality

We help some of the world’s finest hospitality chains maintain high health and safety standards essential for their business

Healthy Education

We keep children’s environments clean & safe by eliminating airborne contaminants in classrooms and common areas

Healthy Workspace

We focus on creating better indoor environmental quality and enhancing employee productivity in the workspace

Healthy Fitness

We enhance gyms, studios and spas in promoting a holistic healthy lifestyle by creating a safe environment for their customers

Healthy Transportation

We provide advanced eco-friendly and natural disinfection technologies to eliminate all harmful germs in boats, vans, busses, and planes

Healthy Clinic

We help the region’s top healthcare providers ensure patient safety by maintaining the best indoor environmental quality and eliminating airborne pollutants

Healthy Mosque

We provide mosques with chemical-free and eco-friendly sanitization services to maintain a healthy and safe indoor environment

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Creating Healthy Living

Our services help create safe and healthy environments in which you can live, work, learn, and play.


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