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The Healthy Home® was established as a response to a family history of asthma and other respiratory issues, which were rooted in the extreme conditions of the Middle East. Founded in 2013, we have become the leading provider of premium home and personal wellness services in the GCC. Our mission is to help you and your loved ones lead healthier lives by offering a range of reliable and eco-friendly services, including AC services, pest control, water tank cleaning, furniture cleaning, deep cleaning, moving, painting, smart home automation and more. Our primary objective is to enhance your quality of life by improving your indoor environment and personal well-being. We seek to provide premium quality experiences because your wellness is worth it!

Your indoor environment can have a huge impact on your health and wellness

We are passionate about making holistic wellness a bigger part of your daily life, by bringing a variety of premium home and personal wellness services to your doorsteps.

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Our divisions

Healthy Home®

We concentrate on cultivating environments and services that promote wellness, fostering healthy habits. We're dedicated to empowering you to live your healthiest life.

Healthy Hospitality®

We help some of the world’s finest hospitality chains maintain high health and safety standards essential for their business.

Healthy Education®

We keep children’s environments clean & safe by eliminating airborne contaminants in classrooms and common areas

Healthy Workspace®

We focus on enhancing indoor environmental quality and increasing workplace productivity. We are committed to fostering healthy and productive environments.

Healthy Fitness®

We enhance gyms, studios and spas in promoting a holistic healthy lifestyle by creating a safe environment for their customers

Healthy Transportation®

We provide advanced eco-friendly and natural disinfection technologies to eliminate all harmful germs in boats, vans, busses, and planes

Healthy Clinic®

We help the region’s top healthcare providers ensure patient safety by maintaining the best indoor environmental quality and eliminating airborne pollutants

Healthy Mosque®

We provide mosques with premium eco-friendly sanitization services to maintain a healthy and safe indoor environment

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