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Discover convenience with The Healthy Home®, the premium home wellness service provider in the GCC. Explore our efficient and organized packages, from individual room sanitization packages to children's room sanitization packages. Ensure family protection, comfort, and peace of mind. Prioritizing your well-being, our wellness packages aim to simplify your life with hassle-free home wellness services and a dedicated team. Elevate your healthy living experience with us today, where health and wellness are our top priorities.


Conveniently create healthier living today

Experience hassle-free convenience and enhanced service quality with our comprehensive wellness packages. We address specific needs by offering a range of comprehensive home wellness services in one bundle. Our services include thorough cleaning and sanitization of mattresses, curtains, carpets, and entire rooms. Choose our premium wellness bundle to enjoy peace of mind and foster a healthier lifestyle for you and your loved ones in Kuwait. Contact our wellness consultants today to learn more!


What services are included in your packages?


Our comprehensive packages cater to various needs, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients seeking wellness with convenience. Our offerings include the Healthy Pregnancy Package, providing exclusive discounts on our cleaning services for expectant and new moms. Additionally, we provide a Furniture Deep Cleaning Package to help you maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery. For parents with young children, we offer a package that covers the deep cleaning of your child's room. If you have specific areas that require attention, our individual Room cleaning package is designed to meet those individual needs. Explore our diverse packages to discover how we can enhance and simplify your living space.

Are the cleaning products included in the package safe for pets and children?


Health and wellness for all is an important aspect at The Healthy Home. So yes, all our cleaning packages include services that are performed using high-quality chemical-free, and eco-friendly products and technology. We prioritize creating a healthier living environment for pets, children, and the rest.

What is the furniture deep cleaning and sanitization packages?


Our home Furniture Deep Cleaning and Sanitization packages are tailor-made to provide a variety of treatments, depending on the number of rooms in your apartment or villa. These packages consist of several treatments from our service menu at one price point.

What type of furniture does your deep cleaning package cover?


Our furniture deep cleaning package includes deep vacuuming and sanitization for all your sofas, carpets, and mattresses at your home. For sofas and carpets, we do deep vacuuming, steaming, and sanitizing. For mattresses, we provide deep vacuuming and UV light sanitization to ensure a thorough and hygienic cleaning experience.


- Leather items, outdoor furniture, shampooing treatment
- Curtains Cleaning (client can add-on the service with 30% off if booked together with the package