Personal Trainers in Saudi Arabia

Personal Trainers in Saudi Arabia

The Healthy Home® & Enhance have Partnered up to Take Care of Your Home Wellness and Fitness Needs!

Train anywhere, anytime with Enhance Fitness!

Enhance Fitness offers you the convenience of having your sessions in your home, backyard, your community gym, park or any of our partner gyms at no additional cost! We've also introduced one-on-one live-streaming sessions, so you can get the personalized attention you deserve from anywhere in the world! Choose from 200+ certified personal trainers in KSA and all over the globe and 15+ workout disciplines to start your fitness journey on your terms - anywhere, anytime!

What is Enhance Fitness?

Launched in 2018, Enhance Fitness is the region’s leading and largest personal training provider. Operating across KSA, the UAE, and newly launched Qatar market, we believe that fitness should be accessible to everyone, through inclusivity, a wide variety of workouts, on-demand personal training, a globally unique software solution app designed to empower personal trainers in KSA and their clients with a results-driven approach. 

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Benefits of hiring a personal trainer with Enhance Fitness

Working with a personal trainer in KSA can help you achieve your fitness goals much more effectively and efficiently while also helping you receive multiple benefits. By offering you personalized fitness plans that are catered to your needs and goals, our personal trainer in KSA can keep you motivated while providing you guidance and support that is personally tailored towards your growth. They will introduce numerous challenges and variety into your workout plan, helping you avoid boredom and plateaus, along with teaching you proper form and techniques while keeping the risk of injuries at bay. Our personal trainers from KSA and all around the world possess the expertise to maximize your time at the gym, focus on exercises that will help you reach your goals efficiently, and work with you to design a flexible fitness plan that fits your business schedule.

Why Enhance Fitness

  • Convenience - Train anywhere, anytime!
  • Trainers - Choose from 165+ PTs
  • Nutrition - Receive personalized nutrition plans
  • Variety of workouts - Choose from different workout types
    Price - Benefit from the most competitive price in the market

Choose from different workout types

Choose from our wide variety of workouts and exercises from our team of specialized, certified, and experienced fitness experts in the KSA. 

  • General Fitness
  • Pre/Postnatal
  • Bodybuilding
  • Injury Rehab

We’ve got all these and more! So whether you’re looking to get healthier, explore a new fitness routine, or get into shape before that big event, Enhance is here to help you get the job done. 

Choose from the best trainers from around the world!

At Enhance, we hire and retain the best trainers out there.

  • We only employ full-time trainers to ensure the quality of service
  • Our personal trainers in KSA and all around the world are all insured for your safety
  • Our recruitment process includes both practical and theoretical assessments
  • All new hires attend our in-house academy for one week of intensive training
  • All our trainers receive ongoing training and one-on-one support.

Maintain your health and fitness at the highest levels of quality known to mankind by getting in touch with our expert personal trainers from KSA and all around the globe, and embark upon a journey of self-care and better quality of living.

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