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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions- The Healthy Home®



What is The Healthy Home®?

The Healthy Home® is the best deep cleaning company specialized in surface sanitization and indoor environmental quality in UAE, KSA, and Kuwait.

How do I contact The Healthy Home®?

You can use our phone number 8002440085, live chat platform, or email address to contact us. You can also reach us on WhatsApp at 8002440085.

What products does The Healthy Home® use in treatments?

The Healthy Home® uses all chemical free and safe products. All our treatments are dry, pet-friendly and environmentally friendly, unlike other cleaning companies that use water, shampoo and chemicals which make things worse.

Are Healthy Home® treatments pregnancy and child friendly?

Absolutely! All our treatments are completely safe and eco-friendly.

Are Healthy Home® treatments pet friendly?

Of course! All our products are chemical free which makes them safe for absolutely anyone in the house!

What should I expect after Healthy Home® treatments?

After our treatments, you will experience better sleep quality, easier breathing, improved energy levels, boost in your immune system, allergy and asthma relief, as well as a completely bacteria free environment.

Do your treatments help with asthma, allergy, eczema, itchy eyes and conjunctivitis?

Yes, in fact, our concept was inspired by a family history of asthma, and allergies rooting from the extreme weather conditions in the region. Thus, we have tailored the best quality service and treatments for helping individuals with asthma, allergy, eczema, itchy eyes and conjunctivitis.

How is the Healthy Home® different from its competition?

We simply listen. Constantly and repeatedly listen to our clients; to their expectations, requirements and their concerns about leading a better and safer life. We keep on doing that day-in day-out to continually evolve our offerings supported by solid certifications from international expert entities, and the latest technology.

Do I need to be at home?

No. However, we recommend that you be present at home for the first time you book a home cleaning service with The Healthy Home®. So, you can meet the cleaner, show them your apartment and explain what you expect them to do. Otherwise, you need to let us know how you will let our team in (i.e. leaving the key under the mat, giving the key to the security, Leaving the door open etc.



How do I pay?

You can pay via cash, card (debit or credit), cheques and even pay tabs. We told you we are super flexible!

Where can I check the prices?

You can give us a call on 8002440085 and one our hygiene consultants will gladly assist you with all your inquiries as we have different types of treatments based on your requirements. You can also reach us on WhatsApp at 8002440085.

Do you have preferential prices for bulk treatments?

Yes. Our client base includes hotels, accommodations, workplaces, schools, and hospitals. Our team will visit your property, understand your requirements and provide you with the quotation that is the most suitable for your needs.

Pure Air®, AC Cleaning & Sanitization


Why should I clean my AC?

AC units and associated ducting will suffer an ingress of dust (mainly due to extreme weather conditions), no matter how good the filters are. If this dust is allowed to accumulate excessively it will impact the system’s ability to cool, resulting in a build-up of moisture: excess moisture + excess dust = mold & bacterial growth!

What happens if I don’t clean my AC?

Chronic (long-lasting/permanent) respiratory conditions are a worst-case scenario, however, allergic reactions and continual sickness can result fairly quickly if a system is not cleaned and sanitized when required.

How is it done?

The Healthy Home® follow international standards when cleaning & sanitizing the AC system, and use only non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning solutions and state-of-the-art cleaning equipment.

Will this fix my indoor air quality issues?

Not necessarily, there are many other potential contributing factors to poor indoor air quality such as furnishings, structural issues, etc. However, The Healthy Home is qualified to help identify all contributing factors and carry out remedial action.

If you would to improve the Indoor Air Quality in your home for you and your family, please call us on 8002440085 to speak with our hygiene consultants and book your consultation visit.

Pure Living®, Soft Furnishings Cleaning & Sanitization


The Healthy Home® is the leading name in surface sanitization and indoor environmental quality in the KSA and wider GCC region. Our Pure Living® treatments ensure that your soft furnishings are cleaned & sanitized to the highest standards.

What are soft furnishings?

Soft furnishing includes curtains, carpets, upholstery, mattresses, and any other items of furniture that incorporate fabrics.

Why should I clean & sanitize my couch?

Fabrics, and the padding/cushioning underneath, are extremely porous and hold on to a lot of dust and moisture.

What happens if I don’t deep clean my furniture?

If left unchecked, the levels of contaminants in a fabric can reach such a level that allergy symptoms result, as may pest infestations.

How is the Pure Living® treatment done and how often do I need to do it?

Our soft furnishing treatments utilize organic and non-toxic solutions, as well as a variety of equipment depending on the type of furniture and nature of the requirement; these include:

  • High-powered HEPA-filtered extraction;
  • Ultraviolet (C) light;
  • Dry-steam cleaning (180°)

We recommend that your sofa is at least sanitized twice a year, or every 3 months for those with allergies, asthma or children.

Will this fix my indoor environmental quality issues?

Cleaning & sanitizing soft furnishings will certainly improve indoor environmental quality noticeably, in the event some symptoms persist our teams are qualified to identify other contributing factors and offer remedial suggestions.

Do I have to treat all the upholstery in my home?

Yes. Doctors recommend that all beds and soft furnishings be treated for bacteria and dust mites (kill those nasty little buggers).

How does The Healthy Home® clean curtains?

We use dry steam to disinfect and clean your curtains while they are still hung. We do not move the curtains out of their place

If I vacuum my mattress, upholstery, or carpet will it help kill the bacteria and allergens?

Domestic vacuums are not powerful enough to extract the impurities in the mattress. Our vacuums have 11 times more suction power than your domestic vacuum as well as the unique HEPA filtration mechanism which contains the impurities that have been extracted. This is followed by our UltraViolet sanitizing application which leaves your mattress and other furnishings fully sanitized.

Safe Child®, Baby Crib & Room Cleaning & Sanitization


Why should I clean my baby’s room?

Your child is 2-3 times more likely than you to get sick with flu caused by dust in the house.

How often should your baby crib?

We recommend that your mattress is at least sanitized twice a year, or every 3 months for those with allergies, asthmas or children.

What exactly can Healthy Home® sanitize in the baby room?

Baby crib, any toys, carpet, curtains and even clothing!

What are some of the benefits from doing the Safe Child® treatment?

Protected healthier family, better sleep quality, easier breathing, boosted the immune system, allergy and asthma relief and bacteria-free environment.

How can I keep the surface clean after the Healthy Home® team has left my house?

The Healthy Home® now offers a Pure Surface® follow up treatment Safe Shield® for longer germ-free surface shielding. Our Safe Shield® treatment is formulated to not only kill the toughest germs but creates a shield that keeps sanitizing the surface non-stop for up to 30 days. This treatment is totally organic, alcohol-free, water-based, and eco-friendly.



Do you work on Fridays?

Yes! We work 7 days of the week!

Do you have a cancellation policy?

We are flexible. You can cancel your booking with a 24-hour notice. You can reach out to at 8002440085 at least 24 hours prior to your booking. If you would like to cancel or reschedule your booking less than 24 hours off your booking start time you will be charged a 100 SAR fee.

What should I do if I need to reschedule my booking?

If you want to reschedule your booking more than 24 hours before your cleaning session takes place you can give us a call at 8002440085 or WhatsApp us at 8002440085.

Pure Water®, Water Tank Cleaning & Sanitization


What is a water tank?

Water tanks store water for future use in a property, mainly to ensure consistent water pressure and supply during water cuts.

Why should I clean it?

All water contains bacteria and other contaminants, and if not cleaned regularly these will build up to levels which can affect human health.

What happens if I don’t?

The biggest risk with unclean water tanks is legionella bacteria, which can lead to chronic flu-like respiratory problems.

How is it done?

The tank is emptied and all contaminants are removed, the walls and internal fittings are cleaned and sanitized by our 2-stage process, and non-toxic food-grade cleaning solutions only are utilized.

In addition to the tank cleaning, The Healthy Home® can also undertake pipeline disinfection, which will ensure the pipework from the water tank is also sanitized, as well arrange water sample collection and testing through our accredited laboratory partners.

Will this fix my water quality issues?

As with many initiatives related to health, there is always more that can be done; water tank cleaning and disinfection does not stop contaminants from entering the home. For this an efficient and reliable filtration system is required.

How often should I clean my water tank?

We recommend that the water tank be sanitized at least once a year

Green Shield®, Green & Organic Pest Control


The Healthy Home® is the leading name in surface sanitization and indoor environmental quality in the GCC region. Our Green Shield® treatment ensures that your pest control requirements are met to the highest standards.

What is pest control?

Pest control is the proactive and reactive management of an infestation of a variety of insects, birds, and vermin. The Healthy Home® offers both traditional treatments as well as green & organic solutions that do not use any chemicals.

Why should I do pest control?

A lack of a proactive plan can lead to infestations, and not addressing an infestation can lead to illness and harm to the building’s occupants in the form of allergic reactions and bites.

What happens if I don’t do pest control?

Aside from the health risks in not addressing an infestation of pests, there can also be material damage to furniture and property which can be extremely costly.

How is it the pest control treatment done?

Our treatment recommendations will depend on the level and type of infestation observed, however every effort is made to use our green & organic options where possible.

Will this fix my pest issues?

Our treatments will resolve your pest issues, but how long the treatment is effective for will depend on factors outside of The Healthy Home’s responsibility. However, following our guidance and recommendations will ensure your home remains pest-free.

How often should Green Shield be done?

We recommend that pest control be done at least twice a year.

Can anti-allergens spray treat a bed bug infested mattress?

This is not the kind of DIY you want to do. Although some pest control companies might spray chemicals to kill dust mites, bed bugs and other living organisms, we do not recommend the use of any chemicals on a surface where you and your kids sleep or sit on.

Pure Sleep®, Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization


Why should I clean my mattress?

All sweat, bacteria and dust mites live in your mattress and if you don’t clean it often it can lead to health-related problems.

How often should you sanitize your mattress?

We recommend that your mattress is at least sanitized twice a year, or every 3 months for those with allergies, asthmas or children.

How long does the mattress treatment process take?

Our two-step treatment of vacuuming and sanitizing only takes 25-30 minutes to leave your bed fully sanitized and germ free.

Can you sanitize the inside of the mattress?

Yes. The UV light disinfection device that we use is specially developed for mattresses and furnishings. We are the only company in the Middle East that can fully sanitize your mattress/ Other mattress cleaning companies in Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, and across KSA mostly sanitize the surface area of your mattress and don’t kill all the germs and bacteria that reside inside your mattress.

Is the treatment required for new mattresses?

Yes. It doesn’t matter how a new mattress is, it will collect an average of 2 million dust mites (it’s like a horror movie in there) and other impurities within 6 months of use. Also, older mattresses can be restored to make them 100% healthy to sleep on after performing our treatment.

Do mattress protectors solve the problem of dust mites, bacteria, and mold in the mattress?

Covers will have more of an adverse effect because of the lack of ventilation thus increasing temperature and humidity which foster the population of dust mites in the mattress. Allergists recommend the mattress to be properly cleaned and sanitized, as this is the only way to get all the mites and waste out.

Will the treatment stop my mattress/upholstery from smelling bad?

Yes. Our UV device is equivalent to 48 hours of the natural outdoor purification system of the sun and destroys microbes and bacteria that are causing bad odors.