Water Quality Report

Water Quality Testing Services

Water Testing Services

Ensure your water supply is safe with Pure Water®️

Test the quality of the water in your home with a water testing service from The Healthy Home®. Receive a full water quality report to find out the quality of the water in your home.

Water Quality Testing Services

Are you unsure about the quality of the water in your home? Do you require an accurate and detailed water quality report in order to understand how safe your water is? At The Healthy Home® we provide water testing service to help you gauge just how safe your home's water supply is.

We can test any water source for your home, such as the water tank or swimming pool. We will provide you with a water quality report upon completion. This water testing service can help you decide if you need any water and pipeline services, such as water tank cleaning, pool cleaning, or pipeline disinfection.

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What is included in the water quality report? 

We conduct our water testing service of water tanks using the following criteria:

  • Microbiological Analysis of Water - which allows us to test the water for any bacteria or microscopic plants polluting the water.
  • Chlorine Test - to find out if there is chlorine in the water, and how much.
  • Legionella Analysis of Water - to test for the disease-causing bacteria that can be often found in water systems.
  • Chemical Analysis of Water - ensuring that the chemicals in the water are balanced and safe.

For swimming pools we conduct a different test, mainly to check the PH levels which indicates the balance of chemicals in the pool water.

If you'd like to know how safe your water is then contact The Healthy Home®, we have been treating and sanitizing water tanks and disinfecting water pipelines since 2013!

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