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Protect your family from viruses with Safe Shield® for healthy living

Protect your family from viruses with Safe Shield®

The Healthy Home® provides the best Disinfection & Sanitization services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Call us now to schedule your eco-friendly disinfection services!

Eco-friendly Disinfection & Sanitization Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Why is disinfection & sanitization important?

Although we tend to clean surfaces regularly, the role of the home used detergent isn't really effective when comes to eliminating and killing bacteria. Even though it has been the case for years and before the pandemic, only now we are more aware on the importance of disinfection and sanitization services. Not to mention the importance of disinfection and sanitization in improving your indoor air quality.

While adopting the new habit of working from home or going to the office, we need to make sure that any environment we step in is safe, and we are proud to say that our preventive disinfection and sanitization services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi kills 99% of all bacteria and viruses that could live on surfaces and protects it for up to 30 days.

Our Safe Shield® disinfection & sanitization service in Dubai & Abu Dhabi uses the latest eco-friendly solution that can protect and shield your home for up to to 30 days. Our service process distributes microscopic disinfectant droplets through misting to cover surfaces that are unreachable with the common cleaning practice, resulting in a better and longer-lasting protection for 30 days against germs and thus is an asthma and allergy remedy.

Our Sanitization And Disinfection Services

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Is our disinfection and sanitization solution safe?

There are over thousands of bacteria, viruses, fungi and yeasts contaminating surfaces and can be extremely resilient to cleaning and disinfection, which makes it an unsafe environment for the family.

Our disinfection and sanitization service is formulated to not only kill the toughest germs but creates a shield that keeps sanitizing the surface non-stop for up to 30 days. 

The disinfection and sanitization treatment we use is totally water-based, organic, alcohol-free, and eco-friendly. We made sure to offer a preventive disinfection and sanitization service that is safe on all kids and pets.

The disinfection and sanitization service has been part of The Healthy Home® since 2013, making us the leaders in disinfection services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our disinfection and sanitization professionals use clean and new Personal Protection Equipment for each visit to deliver maximum safety and hygiene. 

How does disinfection and sanitization work? 

  • The disinfection spray bonds to the surface to create a protective layer
  • The sprayed surface attracts pathogens
  • The pathogen bursts like a balloon on contact with disinfection solution

Though disinfection and sanitization services in Dubai have become more and more available, we highly recommend you choose the right professional company and disinfection service to trust with your home.

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