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Protect your family from viruses with Safe Shield® for healthy living

Protect your family from viruses with Safe Shield®

The Healthy Home® provides the best surface disinfection and cleaning service in the UAE. Keep your home safe and protected against viruses and bacteria!

Eco-friendly Surface Disinfection & Cleaning Service

Why should you have your home regularly disinfected and cleaned?

Any home environment will naturally accumulate dust, dirt, and bacteria over time. All your surfaces become littered with microbes, and for this reason, regular cleaning of your home is a must. More often than none, it's likely that you are already cleaning your home using disinfectants and other cleaning products. However, most store-bought disinfectants are not completely effective in eradicating germs and bacteria from your home. Additionally, these disinfectants are not eco-friendly and can cause harm.

That's why it is an excellent idea to get your home's surfaces properly disinfected and cleaned by professional cleaning companies, such as The Healthy Home®. Not only do we use eco-friendly products for our disinfection and cleaning service, but we also use a unique disinfectant that continues to protect your home's surfaces for up to a month after the treatment is done. This formula creates a protective barrier that continues to kill germs on contact for 30 days.

Getting our surface disinfection and cleaning service done once a month will guarantee that your home is protected from viruses and bacteria at all times. If you would like to have your home protected by one of the best cleaning companies in the UAE, then contact The Healthy Home® today!

Our Surface Disinfection And Cleaning Services

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How do surface disinfection and cleaning services protect a home?

The solution we use is medically proven to eliminate virtually all harmful bacteria it comes into contact with, while also keeping the surfaces it is applied to protected for a month, acting as a preventative measure against possible sickness. It is also a great idea to book this service after isolating at home after catching a virus, to completely remove all traces of the virus from your home.

This disinfection and cleaning service has been part of The Healthy Home® since 2013. Our disinfection and sanitization professionals use clean and new Personal Protection Equipment for each visit to deliver maximum safety and hygiene. We are also very experienced in the wellness industry and as a result, are capable to apply our solutions with maximum effectiveness.

How does our surface disinfection and cleaning service work? 

  • The disinfection spray bonds to the surface to create a protective layer
  • The sprayed surface attracts pathogens
  • The pathogen bursts like a balloon on contact with disinfection solution

There are many options when it comes to cleaning companies in the UAE, however it's always best to choose professionals who are able to provide the best quality of service to keep you and your family protected.

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