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Can You Drink Tap Water In Dubai?

Exploring The Purity Of Tap Water In Dubai And How Cleaning Your Water Tank Helps

Dubai, a city of soaring aspirations and gleaming towers, attracts newcomers, tourists, and residents alike. But amid the dazzle and allure, questions about tap water in Dubai often linger in the minds of those who call this desert oasis home. Is Dubai's tap water potable? Must it undergo filtration before consumption? Does it have adverse effects on hair and skin? Where does it originate? Are there any lurking health concerns? These are the queries that seek answers, and in this comprehensive exploration, we will unearth the truths about Dubai's tap water, its source, safety, and the necessity of filtration, and the importance of cleaning your water tanks to maintain clean water.

Unveiling the Water Source

Dubai's geographical backdrop is one of arid landscapes and limited natural water resources. Groundwater alone cannot sustain the emirate's thirst, but Dubai, ever innovative, addresses this challenge with resourcefulness. A considerable portion of Dubai's water supply originates from the sea. The process begins with the utilization of world-class desalination plants, converting seawater into a usable form.

Whether you're sipping from the tap in your Dubai apartment or indulging in your newly acquired villa's water source, it's essential to understand that the water flowing into your life is, in fact, desalinated seawater. This water embarks on a journey from the Arabian Gulf, passing through the Dubai Aluminum Company Limited (DUBAL) for power generation and eventually landing at the Dubai Electric and Water Authority (DEWA) for distribution.

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The Safety of Dubai's Tap Water

DEWA, the steward of Dubai's water supply, has unequivocally affirmed, "Our water quality across the generation, transmission, and distribution networks meets the highest health and safety standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is the responsibility of the customer or owner and the maintenance companies to carry out regular maintenance of the internal networks and water tanks after the meter and to ensure that health and safety standards are met."

Recently, Dubai Municipality's Food Safety Department Director, Iman Al Bastaki, delineated the benchmarks for regular maintenance to guarantee the safety of tap water in your glass:

  • Vigilant upkeep of plumbing systems and water tanks.
  • Periodic cleaning of water tank and flushing of pipes by an Emirates International Accreditation Centre-approved entity.
  • Routine testing of water samples for drinking water parameters at an Emirates International Accreditation Centre-approved laboratory.
  • Positive laboratory results affirming tap water's safety for consumption in Dubai.

In essence, Dubai's tap water is safe to drink, provided the necessary measures are taken to mitigate potential risks associated with water stored in household tanks. Boiling is a common practice among residents to ensure that the tap water they consume is free of impurities.

The Vital Role of Clean Water Tanks

While DEWA's water undergoes rigorous filtration, the safety of tap water can be compromised by poorly maintained water storage tanks. To address this concern, many residents opt for water tank cleaning services in Dubai. These services ensure that tap water remains pure and uncontaminated, enhancing its quality.

Several companies in Dubai offer services to clean your water tank, with costs varying depending on the scope of the service required. Regular cleaning of your water tank is a prudent step in maintaining a clean water supply.

Necessity of Filtration

While DEWA's water undergoes stringent filtration, it is the water storage tanks that occasionally pose a risk to Dubai's tap water. To address this, many residents opt for the additional safeguard of tap water filtration systems in Dubai. These systems act as sentinels, purifying tap water from any contaminants or harmful substances that may have infiltrated during storage.

Numerous filtration services and water treatment companies in Dubai offer consultations for installing such systems. The cost of fitting a water filter in Dubai varies widely, ranging from under AED 100 to several thousand, depending on your requirements and preferences.

Making Way for a More Sustainable Future

Dubai is working to create a more sustainable future, and this includes water management. The Dubai Municipality's Food Control Department announced updated recommendations to the Dubai Food Code in November 2019. These standards require Dubai's restaurants to give free tap water to clients, with restaurant owners responsible for ensuring regular quality testing of their water tanks.

This move is consistent with Dubai's objective to limit the use of single-use plastics by encouraging people to drink tap water instead of using throwaway plastic bottles. While this criterion is currently advisory in nature, it has the potential to spark major improvements in Dubai's environmental conservation efforts.

Embrace Water Conservation

In conclusion, Clean water is a precious resource, and your contribution to its protection is paramount. By actively conserving water, you not only safeguard this invaluable resource but also reduce your DEWA bills.

Embrace a future where Dubai's tap water shines as a symbol of purity and environmental stewardship.

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