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Expenses Involved When Moving In Dubai From One Home To Another

Costs Involved When Moving To A New Home In Dubai

Moving in Dubai from one home to another can be a monumental task, the process is not something people remember fondly as there is plenty happening when the moving starts. A lot of time and money is consumed in the process, so we need to plan the expenses that may occur during the moving transition. 

Below are the expenses to keep in mind when moving from one home to another in Dubai ranging from hiring movers in Dubai to booking deep cleaning services to move in.

Moving Companies in Dubai

It is always recommended that you hire professional movers in Dubai, as it could be overbearing to do it yourselves. Moving companies in Dubai may charge their services by keeping multiple factors in mind for example; the number of rooms in your home, the number of items to move and the distance to be traveled. Moving companies in Dubai are a more efficient and convenient option to choose when moving, it is an exhausting process, and moving potentially heavy boxes may be harmful. 

The professional movers in Dubai make sure to pack all your belongings in an organized manner and guarantee a safe trip to their new home. If the cost of hiring packers and movers in Dubai is still bothering you, you could pack your items yourself and hire them for the moving phase but then you would have to take care of buying the packing essentials. Movers in Dubai are experts in what they do and hiring a reputable moving company in Dubai is the way to go, the prices involved in hiring them may be high but the service provided makes up for everything. It is always advised to book a moving company's services weeks in advance as this can avoid any issues that may arise with regard to time constraints, availability, and any unforeseen circumstances.

The costs involved when hiring a moving company in Dubai depend on which company you choose, i.e. A well-reputed moving company in Dubai can start charging from AED 999 for a 2-bedroom apartment, but this may vary as companies may charge different prices according to their policies, so keep that in mind when contacting movers in Dubai. Moving in Dubai is not an easy process, hiring professional movers in Dubai can take the load off your shoulders.

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One of the costs that arise when moving to a new home is the activation of the utilities, while the activation process may be boring, it is necessary. For new tenants in Dubai DEWA charges the following security deposits:

  • 2000 AED for Apartments
  • 4000 AED for Villas

You will also be charged the registration and connection fees for new activities. It is important to note that if you are moving from one apartment to another then DEWA's "Move to" service now makes it possible for a customer to transfer their current account to their new home address and in such cases, you do not have to pay a security deposit, but if you are moving from an apartment to a villa that you will be charged security Deposit of 4000 AED and you will have to pay the difference.

Moving Permits

You may be required to get a moving permit when moving in or out of certain buildings and residential communities. It usually does not cost the person moving to get hold of a moving permit, but when moving out you may have to pay the outstanding community fees and bear the cost in case there is any property damage from your side. So, when moving in Dubai always make sure to keep note of the moving permits.

Ejari fees

When moving to a new rental property, it is mandatory to register your tenancy contract through an online system of Ejari. When moving in Dubai, Ejari is a must.

Ejaari is initiated by the Real Estate Regulatory Agency also known as RERA, it takes care of multiple parts of your lease agreement from the registration to the termination. The registration process for Ejari is fairly easy and can be done quickly online, just make sure all your documents are correct and present when needed. The total cost of procuring an Ejari certificate is AED 155 which is exclusive of all VAT, including knowledge and innovation fee if done through the Dubai REST app.

Transferring the Internet connection

The transfer of your Etisalat or Du connection should not be forgotten, the fee charged may vary between the 2 services. It is best to get in contact with your internet service providers to consult on the transfer charges.

Deep Cleaning 

Once you move into a new home, you would want to schedule a deep cleaning service to avoid any issues later. It is best to have your new professionally deep cleaned to make it ready for a move-in. The cost of booking professional deep cleaning services in Dubai may vary according to which company you choose and how much cleaning is required, so make sure to book professional deep cleaning services in Dubai from a reputable company as they can make sure that your home is ready for a move-in. You want your home to look and feel its best when you take a step inside, Deep cleaning can help you do that.

The process of Moving from one home to another can be tedious but it does not have to be, many services in Dubai can help you in moving to your new home efficiently and conveniently. So make sure to book the right movers in Dubai to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.

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