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Why Should You Deep Clean Dirty Carpets?

Have you noticed your carpet has faded and lost its original color? Is there an odd smell in the room that you just cannot figure out? In most cases, it could be that your carpet needs some deep-cleaning services. 

Many homeowners aren’t sure how often or even whether they should be carpet cleaning in Dubai, so The Healthy Home is here to answer your carpet cleaning services questions:

1- Why deep clean?

Cleaning your carpets and floors with a vacuum is a terrific method to keep surface debris off of your carpet. Carpet cleaning services, on the other hand, take the procedure a step further by actually washing the carpet fibers and removing dirt from deep within the carpet. It’s not just surface-level carpet cleaning. Eventually, your carpet will need deep cleaning services to remove heavy soil, restore the buoyancy of the fibers, and brighten the color.

Professionals like us leave your carpet looking as good as new. Or even better.

2- How much effort is required?

We have made it our duty to provide great deep cleaning products without having to double up on the work. It is effortless for The Healthy Home to deep clean your carpets. It is as easy as vacuuming, and just as cost-effective. Carpets can hold 450 grams of dirt per square foot. Deep cleaning your carpets and rugs will preserve their condition by removing fine debris and larger dirt particles from the very bottom, keeping them looking like new and smelling fresh.

3- How often should I deep clean?

The amount of foot traffic on your property determines how deep you should clean. We recommend deep cleaning services for your carpets and rugs at least twice a year, but we recommend carpet cleaning services every quarter if you smoke or have pets and/or children. This will keep your carpets clean and in the finest possible condition.

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4- Should spills be targeted immediately?

Sugary beverages, sticky food, grease, mud, pet pee, and dung are a carpet's worst enemies. If you don't want to despise your carpet, clear up spills as soon as they happen and schedule deep cleaning services to treat the area as soon as possible. 

​​Spots become stains if they are allowed to remain for an extended period of time, and stains are difficult, if not impossible, to remove.

5- Is deep cleaning the same as steam cleaning?

No, steam cleaners are used on sealed hard surfaces and create actual steam which is used to clean the surface. Deep cleaning services are designed to get to the bottom of the dirt and remove it from carpets, rugs, stairs and even upholstery.

6- Tips to keep your carpet clean longer

  • Place doormats outside and inside all entrance doors to trap soil
  • Take off your shoes at the door to avoid tracking dirt inside
  • Vacuum your floors at least once a week
  • Stains should be treated as soon as possible
  • To trap dust particles circulating in the air before they drop on the carpet, change or clean AC filters
  • Keep your vacuum in good working order by keeping it clean and well-maintained
  • Brush and bathe your pets on a regular basis to protect your carpets
  • Call carpet cleaning professionals to do a thorough job
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Call The Healthy Home for all your deep cleaning service needs

Carpet cleaning in Dubai is a great way to preserve your carpets for a long time and to prevent them from having to be replaced so soon. Carpet cleaning services can cost the same as hiring a professional but allows all you busy mums and dads to keep your carpets in tip-top shape as often as you feel the need. Call in the experts of carpet cleaning in Dubai today.

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