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How often and why should I get my water tank cleaning done?

Why Maintaining A Clean Water Tank Is Vital

Regular and thorough cleaning of water tanks is an essential process that every house owner or resident needs to follow. Water supplied and stored in tanks has various salts and impurities dissolved in it that gets deposited on the walls and bottoms of the tanks. To maintain the health and wellness of everyone living under your roof, you need professional and sufficient water tank cleaning in Dubai to ensure that only safe and clean water is consumed at all times. 

Let’s look at how often you need to call water tank cleaning services like The Healthy Home, and why it should be an important part of your life. 

Why should you get water tank cleaning in Dubai?

Regular water tank cleaning is essential if you want to prevent bacteria, algae, germs, animal waste and other harmful substances from building up inside the tank and polluting your water. Clean and safe water is an essential part of life, and it is required for the health and wellness of each and every living being. From your family members to your pets and even your plants, nothing can thrive if clean and safe water is not provided. Ultimately, home water tank cleaning is about maintaining good water hygiene, and good health and wellness for all. 

The Healthy Home’s professional water tank cleaning services in Dubai know exactly what to look for when undertaking the health and wellness responsibility of your family into our hands. From dead lizards and rats to birds droppings and insects you never know what to find when water tank cleaning is conducted. And we know exactly what to look for and how to treat it.

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How often do you get your water tank cleaned in Dubai?

The Healthy Home recommends that you book a water tank cleaning service at least every 6 months (twice a year). This can also depend on the condition of your water storage tank, how old it is, and if there were any extreme weather and external conditions that affected it and the water in it. 

If the top of your tank has an opening around the tank cover, dust, sand, insects, and reptiles can easily enter the tanks. These tanks need cleaning at short intervals of three to six months. Plastic tanks with properly and tightly sealed lids can be cleaned twice or once a year. 

Your water tank can be cleaned any time of the year, not necessarily in the summer. We also offer these additional services to our water tank cleaning package to ensure your water quality is of the highest standard: 

  • Water Sample Collection & Testing 
  • Pipeline Disinfection
  • Chlorination 
  • Risk Assessment / Condition Surveys

The health and wellness of your family starts with clean water

You know very well that clean water is a necessity and not a luxury. This is why it is important to clean the water tank in your house properly and precisely. With the soaring temperatures and extreme humidity, not to mention frequent dust and sand storms in our country, the water tanks are prone to damage and mold. 

All chemicals and tools we use for water tank cleaning in Dubai that we use are approved by the municipality and are kid-friendly and pet-friendly. Our unique multi-stage disinfection process from The Healthy Home, and non-chemical water tank cleaning services ensure that the bacteria inside your tank is eliminated without leaving any residual tastes or odors in the water. Our Pure Water®️ treatment will ensure your drinking, shower, and swimming water is of the highest quality. 

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