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How does sanitization and disinfection of your home help you?

Safe Home Sanitizing Services

Searches for home sanitizing services have clearly gone up since the start of 2020 as most people around the world became familiar with the process only after the start of the pandemic. However, what if we were to tell you that apart from disinfecting the virus, there are plenty of other benefits to keeping your homes sanitized? Once the pandemic has ended and there isn’t a virus going around, it is definitely still a good idea to keep your homes sanitized and disinfected, here’s why:

Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ)

Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) refers to the quality of a building's environment in relation to the health and wellbeing of those who occupy space within it. IEQ is determined by many factors, including lighting, air quality, and damp conditions. Poor IEQ can lead to mild issues such as headaches, dizziness, and fatigue but increased exposure to the poor air quality can also lead to respiratory and heart diseases. Scheduling home sanitizing services and disinfection services on a regular basis is one of the best ways to make sure you maintain the IEQ.

Eradicating Germs and Bacteria

Although your homes may look clean to the naked eye, there can still be millions of germs that hang around your living space after a thorough cleaning session, which is where disinfection services and sanitization services come into play. Your indoor pollutants can be 2 to 5 times more than outdoor pollutants because anyone could bring harmful germs and bacteria to your home which is completely invisible to the naked eye, and this can be eradicated only with a disinfection service taking place at your living space.

Virus disinfection

Due to the spike in Covid-19 cases this year, it’s more important than ever to always have a home sanitizing service provider on call, to keep you and your family safe; which is why searches for “sanitization services Dubai” have been on the up as well. The Healthy Home is a health and wellness focused organization who have been providing disinfection services and home sanitizing services in Dubai long before the start of the pandemic, we had launched back in 2012 in order to raise awareness about the importance of home sanitization and have been providing sanitization services in Dubai since. Apart from Covid-19, there are many other viruses and infections that can spread to you and your loved ones at home if the area is not disinfected.

sanitization services, disinfection services

Better Breathing, Sleep and Life!

Considering the fact that people spend a majority of their time at home, it is important to make sure that the air you breathe at home is as pure as it can get. The Healthy Home’s Pure Air treatment is a service focused on improving your indoor air quality by deep cleaning all the elements of your AC; having your AC and your environment disinfected is necessary to ensure that the air you breathe at home is as pure as it can be. It is proven that people get better sleep when they are in a cleaner environment, which is why you should schedule disinfection services and sanitization services in Dubai at least every 6 months.

Allergen Containment

Hot, humid houses are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold and considering the weather in Dubai for most parts of the year, it’s fair to say that there is a lot of room for dust mites and mold to grow if you don’t schedule disinfection and sanitization services regularly. When you breathe in the waste products of dust mites, your immune system kicks into high gear, producing antibodies against the normally harmless substances. This overzealous immune response causes the symptoms associated with a dust mite allergy, such as sneezing and runny nose. Scheduling sanitization and disinfection services on a regular basis would help avoid these allergic reactions.

Holistic Wellness

As we work towards understanding our bodies and minds better, we realize that we need to focus on bettering our holistic health. Holistic wellness states that we should be looking beyond just the physical body and address our physical, emotional, social, spiritual and environmental health, which in turn creates a whole health approach. In terms of the environment factor of holistic wellness, it’s important to declutter your surroundings, make sure you get lots of natural light in your home environment and disinfect your homes to ensure that the air you breathe is as pure as it can be. The Healthy Home provides sanitization services in Dubai (b3) and are among the most reputable service providers in the region.

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