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The Dangers of Mold in your Air Conditioner

Did you know that mold can be extremely hazardous to your health and wellness? Mold and mycotoxins pose a serious threat to young children and those living with chronic illnesses. Mold can build up in your AC when it is not taken care of, and it can grow in your home when your AC is not cleaned and maintained appropriately as well. If you suspect that your AC has mold, you need to call a professional AC cleaning service as soon as possible to help you keep a safe and healthy environment at home. 

There are many AC duct cleaning services in Dubai, so make sure you pick one that understands your needs and works hard to make your home safe. The Healthy Home AC cleaning in Dubai is specially designed for your optimum health and wellness.

Signs of AC mold

Look for these telltale signs to get your AC ducts cleaned in time:

  • An odor that is musty or mildewy
  • Visibly black dust around the vents and ducts of the AC
  • Colored mold in walls and objects around your home
  • Persistent respiratory issues

Identify these signs of AC mold early and book an AC duct cleaning service in Dubai to take care of it for you. The longer you wait, the more likely you are risking the chance of exposing your family to the dangers of mold. Not getting your AC ducts cleaned in time could result in:

  • Breathing problems and allergies

It is common for people living in a dusty climate like ours to suffer from respiratory issues, especially during the more humid and ‘sandstorms’ times of the year. However, if the AC is neglected it can make matters worse. The mold that builds up in the AC’s ducts and vents can exacerbate breathing problems, spread infectious diseases, and lead to more serious ailments such as pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma.

  • Fatigue, headaches, and body pains

There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day at work to relax and cool down in front of the AC. But not when the AC is blowing air full of mold into your system. Thorough AC duct cleaning is required to ensure that you don’t get mold-induced headaches, nausea, and tiredness. If you notice that you feel better in the fresh air instead of your own home, then you need to get your AC ducts cleaned.

  • Eczema, dry skin and psoriasis

Dry, flaky, itchy, and inflamed skin are common triggers of a topical allergic reaction your body is having, and a key stimulant could be mold from your AC ducts. Spending a lot of time in a very dry environment can make these conditions worse and leave you feeling uncomfortable for long periods of time. You might also check for signs of dry skin on the scalp and excessive dandruff. Get your AC ducts cleaned by experts to make sure that your skin and body are exposed to clean, healthy air at all times. 

  • Infections in the ears, throat, and nose

Spending too much time in a mold-infested environment can lead to the spread of and worsening of infections in your internal organs. Small children and the elderly especially have their immune systems compromised when exposed to dangerous black mold. A well-maintained and clean AC system can help your peace of mind by keeping temperatures reasonable and indoor humidity levels low; alongside eliminating traces of harmful mold.

AC duct cleaning service in Dubai

To prevent your air conditioner from making you and your family sick, keep it running smoothly and efficiently with regular care and maintenance. Getting rid of mold and contaminated particles circulating in your home will create a happier and healthier environment where every member of your family can breathe easier. 

While it is essential to keep the AC running to help reduce the risk of mold growing in a humid environment, AC cleaning needs to be done effectively. Contact The Healthy Home AC duct cleaning services in Dubai and Abu Dhabi on 800SANITIZE (80072648493) to book an appointment. 

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