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Chronic nutrient deficiencies are among the most common health issues worldwide. Not only can a deficiency in vitamins and minerals lead to symptoms such as chronic fatigue, brain fog, muscle pain, or low immunity, but it can also lead to long-term health risks such as heart disease or anemia. Unfortunately, we tend to pay attention to our health only when something feels off, rather than as a habit. However, it’s important to remember that prevention is the most important step to optimizing your health.

To learn more about the impact of micronutrients on our health, we reached out to bioniq – an international health tech company specialized in a personalized approach to health optimization by using their Swiss-patented technology to create a tailor-made supplement formula for each unique client based on the results of comprehensive blood analysis. Sharing a common goal with bioniq, we strive to spread awareness of the best ways to support your health. In this article, let's learn more about the importance of preventive health and how to target the most common nutrient deficiencies.



The first step to keeping track of your health is understanding the influence of micronutrients on your overall well-being. Your body runs a multitude of functions, and all of them are interconnected with each other. Nutrients in your blood directly influence the proper functioning of your body, such as your heart health, gut functions, bone health, immunity, and even cognitive function. They also help synthesize and repair new muscle tissues, as well as protect them against oxidative stress. 

If your body lacks a certain nutrient, some functions in your body may not function as properly as they should. It’s also important to keep in mind that not only vitamins and micronutrients contribute to our well-being. You should also take into account monitoring your cholesterol levels and hormonal balance, as those factors are vital for maintaining optimal health. 

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To understand how micronutrients influence our well-being, let’s look at the most common nutrient deficiencies that you should consider monitoring. 



Vitamin D

Also known as the "sun vitamin," Vitamin D is produced in your body when directly exposed to sunlight. It is considered a building block of the body and plays a vital role in supporting our immune health. Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is common amongst the world’s population, even in sunny countries. If you notice symptoms of fatigue, mood disorder, muscle aches or frequent cold symptoms, these are signs to pay attention to. 


Iron is essential for forming red blood cells that carry oxygen in your blood and support your heart. If your iron levels are too low, the number of red blood cells will also decrease, resulting in anemia – a condition that will leave you feeling extremely tired, pale and dizzy. Iron deficiency is one of the most common deficiencies seen in women and athletes. It is important to identify low levels at early stages in order to increase iron levels and avoid the risk of a deficiency through proper nutrition and supplementation. An in-house study done by bioniq showed that regular intake of bioniq LIFE supplements for at least three months contributed to the normalization of iron levels in the blood. 

Folic Acid

Folic acid is the synthetic version of the vitamin folate, also known as vitamin B9. Folate helps the body make healthy red blood cells and folic acid treats or prevents folate deficiency. It is an important nutrient for women’s health. especially if planning for motherhood or during pregnancy. However, maintaining proper levels of folic acid is essential for everyone as the nutrient promotes proper iron absorption.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is an essential nutrient that your body needs for processes, like DNA synthesis, energy production, and central nervous system function. Since our bodies don’t produce vitamin b12, we must rely on proper nutrition and supplementation to maintain levels and avoid the risk of a deficiency. If you notice symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, tiredness, headaches, or insomnia then it is probably the right time for you to consider a blood test to check your vitamin B12 levels.


Magnesium supports the metabolism of macronutrients (food that we consume) and regulates neuromuscular, cardiovascular, immune, and hormonal functions. It is considered essential for supporting the central nervous system and cognitive function. In many cases, if you experience problems with sleep, anxiety, increased heart rate and mood drops, it is usually recommended to check your magnesium levels and pay attention to correcting any revealed deficiency with supplementation.


Now, by prioritizing your health and well-being, you can decrease the chances of health risks. Overall, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle through proper diet, exercise and lifestyle habits. Remember that all these factors are interconnected – if you miss one, others may not be as effective for you to achieve progress on your health journey. 

To remain healthy, it is important to focus on both the inside and outside. Routine check-ups allow us to understand our health status and to target any concerns before they become a serious issue - remember prevention is better than treatment! A blood test can help determine the health of your key body functions therefore getting tested every 6-12 months is a great way to monitor your health. However, an obstacle many of us face is not knowing what to test for or where to go for a blood test.

This is why our wellness partner, bioniq developed their comprehensive bioniq LIFE TEST. It is a 50-parameter analysis offered as an at-home blood collection service for an easy and convenient experience for their clients. The test is designed to help define the condition of your vital systems and general health by analyzing your hormones, liver function, hematology, metabolism, vitamins, and minerals. Based on the results of your analysis, bioniq will create a tailor-made supplement formula recipe to target any nutrient deficiencies that may be present and help support optimal health. In addition, an online consultation with a clinical dietitian is scheduled to help you understand the correlation between your results and current health status.

As our objective is to promote health and wellbeing, The Healthy Home has partnered with bioniq to offer clients an exclusive 10% discount on their bioniq LIFE subscription. To learn more about the bioniq LIFE health optimization system, reach out to the bioniq team!

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