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When people talk about insurance, most would think about insurance policies. Of course, they’re a great line of defense: especially in the case of health insurance where they allow us to get the essential treatment we need. However, that’s only part of the equation. What many don’t realize is that insurance actually falls under a wider “protection” umbrella known as risk management, and this includes not only “safeguarding” solutions you can buy, like insurance products, but also practical measures you can put in place to either reduce, share, retain or avoid a risk altogether. Maintaining a “healthy home” is just one of those measures!

Hidden home health hazards?
If we think about health as a topic in particular, there’s much to talk about; not least because there are literally thousands of medical conditions! Thankfully in our lifetime we are only predicted to have a small number, and these include common ailments like colds, flu, respiratory conditions (such as bronchitis and asthma), stomach upsets (like diarrhea and vomiting), etc. and whilst relatively innocuous, the impact they have on us can be draining for both our physical and mental health. 

Whilst sometimes contracting these conditions is somewhat unavoidable, did you know that having a “healthy” home can address 80% of exposure to them? Many illnesses are viral or bacterial in nature and their transmittal and contraction is often caused by a lack of attention to hygiene. We’re not of course suggesting that you don’t keep your home clean and tidy! But there’s a world of difference between “surface” cleaning and “deep” cleaning. . So that’s where using specialist “germbusters'' can be your secret weapon!

“Clean-up” in the war against germs!
No matter how “house proud” we are, household detergents simply aren’t that effective when it comes to eliminating and killing bacteria. Whilst Covid-19 raised both “the alarm” and our awareness on the importance of disinfection and sanitization, the need to keep our home environment scrupulously clean has always been advised. Did you know that a professional preventive disinfection and sanitization can kill up to 99% of all surface bacteria and viruses, whilst posing no threat to humans and pets! Using a microscopic droplet misting technique, surfaces are sprayed with a non-toxic, alcohol-free, water-based solution that sticks to surfaces: creating an invisible, pathogen-attracting shield that kills them on contact; giving you 30 days powerful protection against all manner of illnesses.

So, whether it’s getting “pure living” through cleaning your soft furnishings or “pure surfaces” that shield you against gems, protect yourself against pathogens the professional way!

Let off steam and sleep easy!
Did you know that dust mites regenerate at a rate of up to 2 million every 6 months! Additionally, bed bugs are an annoying perennial pest although most likely to pop up in between seasons.

The thought of sharing your bed space with these creepy critters is enough to give anyone an itch to want to clean! Making your mattress a mite-free zone takes just one call and gives multiple benefits such as:

  • Easier breathing
  • Improved energy levels through better sleep quality
  • Boosted immune system 
  • Relief from allergies & asthma

Usage of special UV technology means mites no longer see the light of day and letting off steam at a temperature of 180°C kills any remaining bacteria, viruses, and impurities.

“Air today, gone tomorrow”
With us spending so much time at home these days, and for those of us that work from there too, air quality in our homes has become a hot topic: and speaking of hot, that’s particularly important for us here in the UAE where we rely on our AC units to keep cool!

Did you know that an AC system can be the perfect breeding environment for a number of contaminants like dust, mold and bacteria, and that it’s these unwelcome “guests” that contribute to common health, allergy, respiratory and fatigue issues? did you also know that childhood asthma rates have increased by a reported 160% in the last 20 years? Reason enough then to banish bacteria and destroy dust by having your AC ducts deep cleaned. It could also cut down on your bills too as a clean system operates more efficiently, which saves you energy and reduces the costs of maintenance. 

Do battle with dust and bacteria!
So, we’ve hopefully shown you a few good reasons why you should look “deeply” into deep cleaning your home! Anyway, back to insurance, which will benefit you too. Creating a healthier home environment will surely help to keep those living within it healthier too, which means less “claim strain” on your Health and Pet Insurance. It could also positively improve your Home Insurance situation too: keeping your soft furnishings and appliances in tip top condition and your AC in a healthier condition. AC water leakage due to malfunction or even electrical fire can cause big damage to your building decoration and contents, so keeping it dust free can add to your no claims bonus too! 

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