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Hotel Sanitization & Deep Cleaning Services

Enhance Your Guest's Experience

Cleanliness is supreme when a guest needs to book a hotel. The most significant factor hotels need to focus on is understanding the importance of hygiene and sanitation. Having a clean hotel is one of the essential factors in gaining customer loyalty. Many hotel guests will provide reviews online following their stays.

The Healthy Home® helps some of the world’s finest hospitality chains create the cleanest and most sanitized environments and best guest experience by maintaining high hygiene standards. Our Pure Surface®, Pure Air® and Pure Living® treatments are fundamental for business and customer loyalty, whilst extending asset lifetime and reducing energy consumption. All these services provide deep cleaning and thus provide a healthier environment for you, your staff and your clients.

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Why hire a professional deep cleaning in Dubai?

At The Healthy Home we have proudly engineered our Ultra move-in deep cleaning service to be superior to any deep cleaning in Dubai.

We have dedicated and certified professional teams that attend to every single corner and detail in your home. Most deep cleaning companies in Dubai allocate a job of 3 to 4 hours when for a move-in deep cleaning under the assumption that the house is empty making the job easier.

As for us we have realized that an empty house requires more attention to detail and a full day deep cleaning to get the right job with the right results done.

What does our deep cleaning include?

Our Ultra move in deep cleaning service includes a checklist of 30 items that covers all corners of the house. From kitchen cabinets, bathroom faucets and drains, light switches to windows and sills, we deep clean every corner in the house, ensuring it's spotless.

Benefits Of Our Hotel Cleaning & Sanitization Services

  • Promote Holistic Well-Being

  • Safeguard Customers’ Health

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction

  • Extended Asset Lifespan

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