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Mattress Cleaning & Sanitization in Dubai

It’s What’s On The Inside That Counts

You may have a spotless house but did you know that you are currently sharing your bed, the place you spend 1/3 of your life in, with millions of dust mites, bed bugs, mold, bacteria and viruses, which are medically proven to trigger several health problems such as Asthma, allergies, Eczema and morning fatigue?

As much as you think you know how to clean a mattress; dead skin shed during our sleep, alongside sweat and humidity are the primary contributors of the continuous reproduction of dust mites, bed bugs, and other microorganisms in our mattresses, which needs to be cleaned by a professional.

Considering how deeply embedded impurities are in your mattress, maintaining a healthy lifestyle which starts with a good night sleep and managing medical conditions requires continuous proactive care.

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How to Clean a Mattress?

Whether it's a spill on a mattress or something more serious, like a sudden allergy trigger, we're sure you've tried to figure out how to clean a mattress on your own. We're here to tell you that you need to stop worrying about how to clean the mattress and leave it to professional mattress cleaning companies, because we know how to clean your mattress, just like we have cleaned mattresses since 2013.

Surface level mattress cleaning is usually not enough to clean a mattress with bed bugs, or dust mites. These pests tend to live deep inside the mattress, and cannot be washed out with regular mattress cleaning techniques. That’s why you need to book a deep mattress cleaning by professionals, in order to truly cleanse your mattress on the inside as well, and remove any mites or bed bugs in your mattress. Our experience in the mattress cleaning industry and being the market leaders, we can assure you that we know how to clean your mattress and sanitize it, which is why you should leave it to us.

Another reason that it would be pointless for you to try to figure out how to clean a mattress is because you wouldn't have the right equipment to do so. What does a professional deep mattress cleaning look like? It’s a multistage process that makes use of advanced cleaning technology, such as the Germicidal UltraViolet Light (GUVL), to completely sanitize the mattress from within. A properly clean mattress can improve the quality of your sleep, and also reduces the amount of air pollutants and allergens in your bedroom. So again, rest assured that we know what we're doing and we know how to clean your mattress, so you don't have to worry about it.

The Healthy Home®'s furniture cleaning treatment is a clinically-developed, deep cleaning and sanitizing treatment that is dry, eco-friendly and chemical-free, so there’s no odor, no drying time; and it’s absolutely safe for any type of mattress, sofa, carpet, curtains, upholstery, and other soft furniture.

Our technology, exclusive to The Healthy Home® in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Middle East, is the world’s first and only medical grade mattress cleaning and sanitization technology using Germicidal UltraViolet Light (GUVL), specifically designed to prevent the growth of bacteria and other living organisms, such as bed bugs, in the mattress. Using this technology, we are the best mattress cleaners in the UAE. The Healthy Home provides you with premium mattress cleaning services in UAE , we know how to clean a mattress that protects you by dust mites cleaning, bed bug cleaning, mold remediation, and sanitization.

Benefits Of Having Your Mattress Cleaned

  • Improved Sleep Quality

  • Easier Breathing

  • Allergy & Asthma Relief

  • Bacteria Free Environment

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