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How to get rid of rats and other rodents in Dubai?

Rodent infestations are some of the most destructive and hazardous pest problems in the UAE. They are thankfully not as common as some other pests (such as ants or cockroaches), but they are still arguably the worst kind of pest issue you would want to face. Even more upsetting, is the fact that rodent removal can be an extremely challenging task, and most people will not be able to deal with a rodent infestation on their own. In a vast majority of cases, hiring a professional rat exterminator is the most viable option. 

Thankfully it is still possible to prevent the likelihood of rodents appearing in your home, and it is also possible to spot the early rodent infestation signs, which allows you to act quickly to have them disposed of by a professional rat exterminator. 

What kind of rodents are commonly found in the UAE?

Rodents can make their home inside cracks in the walls of your house, or in damp and dark storage areas.

There are three common types of rodents in the UAE that can be considered pests: the brown rat, the black rat, and the common house mouse. All three are known to be pesky, and even dangerous as they are likely to carry diseases. They also can cause quite a bit of damage to your home and are even considered a fire hazard as they are known to chew through just about anything, including electrical wires.

In any case, no matter what type of rodent you face, the methods of extermination and removal are practically the same. However, before we discuss rat exterminators and rat traps, let’s discuss what attracts rodents to your home and what you can do to prevent them.

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How to keep rats and rodents away from your home?

Rats and mice are attracted to sources of food, and while they are able to forage in trash and other such places outside, they will take any opportunity to go indoors if they can detect anything appetizing to them. Rats may also enter your home seeking shelter, especially during the winter months. 

The first order of business is finding any crevices that rodents can use to enter your home, and sealing them or otherwise making them inaccessible. Alternatively, you can use rat repellant on the outside areas of your home to keep rodents at bay. However, ensure that you are using a rat repellant that is not harming the plants and other animals in the area, preferably a natural rat repellant. 

It’s also a good idea to clean out attics and storage rooms, as well as any cupboards or enclosed areas with dry food. Eliminating any factors that encourage rodents to enter your home is vital, and that usually means making sure that food and food waste in your home is not accessible to these pests. They have a good sense of smell, and much like many insect pests will often be found in places where food crumbs are common. 

Reducing the level of moisture in dark areas of your home is also very important. Rodents generally like to make their homes in damp places, and when you properly ventilate your home, it becomes much less appealing for them to want to move in with you. 

You can also repel mice and rats with potent smells! As we mentioned above, rodents have a strong sense of smell. This is not only a strength, but a weakness you can exploit. You can heavily discourage them from coming to an area if you use strong smells to ward them off. Particularly, you should use cayenne pepper, garlic, onions, or ethanol. Simply ensuring that entry points in your home contain this smell will irritate the sensitive noses of any nearby rodents.

You can also leave a rat trap or two in key areas outside your home if you suspect that there are rats in the vicinity. Remember to make sure you are using approved rat traps, and it is best to have a licensed rat exterminator help you set up the rat traps. 

While some people use rat poison to prevent rodents from entering their homes, we recommend using an organic rat repellent instead. Rat poison may cause more harm than good, especially to local animal populations. Besides, if your rodent concern or issue is so great that you are resorting to rat poison, then it is probably best to skip this step and contact a professional rat exterminator instead.

When all else fails, call a rat exterminator

Being a notoriously pesky type of pest, rodents, and especially rats are very difficult to get rid of once they’ve made their way into your home. They are naturally stealthy and do their best to avoid humans, and as a result, you may not even know where they are located. A reliable rat exterminator can get the job done in a much faster time, and without bringing you much hassle.

Capable exterminators are able to identify the kind of pest you are dealing with, the severity of the problem, and what kind of treatment plan would be optimal to get rid of them. 

How do you pick a reliable rat exterminator or pest control company? 

A reliable pest control company in the UAE will first be licensed and approved by the Dubai Municipality. After that, it is advisable to do your own research and look at previous customers’ reviews to help make a better decision on who to hire. Particularly unreliable exterminators might even do more harm than good.

The Healthy Home is on the list of approved pest control companies by the Dubai Municipality and has experience in combating all types of pests in the UAE, including rats, mice, and rodents. Our expert exterminators will assess the severity of your rodent issue before drafting an effective treatment plan to rid your premises of the pests. We use high-quality pest control products and offer eco-friendly treatments to our clients. Our services also have a 4.9/5 star rating on Google!

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