7 Air Conditioner Problems That Homeowners Encounter

So you’ve just bought a new home - Congratulations! Now that you’re a homeowner, the responsibility of getting that property looked after lies entirely on you. Whether it’s AC repair or water heater replacement, AC maintenance, or gardening woes - house chores as a homeowner will never end. That’s why you need help from professional AC cleaning and maintenance services like The Healthy Home to come to the rescue in maintaining your healthy environment and peace of mind. 

Here are just 7 common AC problems that you may be faced with.

Water leaks

One of the first signs of a water leak from your air conditioner would mean that your AC maintenance is due. Leaks can occur indoors or outdoors and would leave nasty-looking stains on the facade of your home, and even damage the paint and interiors. Get your AC repairs done frequently and before damages get serious to avoid long-term harm to the rest of your property.

Electrical failure

If your property or area suffers from frequent power outages or circuit and electric failure, this could impact the efficiency of your AC. Check if there is a problem with your appliances or with your main power source. Capacitor failure or circuit tripping may need replacing by a technician. Your AC’s motor fans and sensors could be affected as well, and need to be fixed to maintain a healthy environment in your home. 

Weak airflow

If you suspect that your air conditioner is not blowing out sufficient air like it is supposed to then it might need to get looked at. AC repair or AC maintenance is required at regular intervals to fix any leaks, and to ensure that the AC is working at optimum level. 

Temperature malfunctions

AC thermostats measure the temperature of the current air and then work to effectively regulate the temperature of the air to your preference.  A faulty thermostat sensor can be fixed with appropriate AC maintenance by professionals like The Healthy Home.

Blocked filters and ducts

The most common reason for AC filters, vents, and ducts becoming clogged is due to dirt. Just like you keep the rest of your home clean and tidy, a clean AC is vital to a healthy environment as well, as it contributes to the fresh air in your home. 

Clogged filters restrict the air that flows through the property, which will prevent it from effectively cooling the air. Thorough AC cleaning is required at least twice a year.

Unusual noises and sounds

If you hear strange, loud sounds coming from your AC then it signals a problem. Our AC maintenance team can help you figure out what’s wrong with your system before the issue gets worse. Don’t leave any strange noises ignored, as the problem could only get worse with time.

Bad odors and smells

We live in a hot and humid climate, so the first sign of a foul odor from your air conditioner should be taken seriously. A pungent and strong smell could be because of mold, germs, pests, and bacteria and this causes a serious threat to the safety and healthy environment of your family. Get your AC maintained, with an important focus on AC cleaning to get rid of the smell. 

AC repair and AC maintenance in Dubai: The Healthy Home

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to avoid and minimize all the air conditioner problems mentioned here is to invest in regular and expert AC repair and AC maintenance. Our team of professionals at The Healthy Home has decades of experience in working with all kinds of air conditioner systems in the region. It is the most important appliance in your home, especially during summer, and is vital to your home’s healthy environment and wellbeing. 

Give us a call or send us a message to get your AC cleaned in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

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