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5 Tips For Lowering Your Air Conditioning And Power Bill

Does the thought of summer already make you sweat when you think about the high air conditioning bills that come with it? We’ve got a few tips to help you keep your cool while keeping your costs under control. From getting your AC repaired to maintaining the right temperature, let’s get started.

Get your AC repaired and cleaned regularly

One of the main reasons your air conditioning or energy bills are high would be because your AC is not working at its most efficient levels. To counter this, it is important to get your AC cleaned, serviced, or get AC maintenance done at regular intervals throughout the year; not only during the summer months. 

Getting your AC cleaned by a professional will keep it running smoothly, without blockages, and for optimum performance – making it cost-effective for you in the long term. This also aids in maintaining a healthy environment in the home.  

Make use of your AC’s timers

Leaving your AC to run for long stretches at a time will only result in a higher electricity bill. The Healthy Home recommends that you set a timer to ensure that your AC switches off when the desired temperature has reached. You may also choose to leave your air conditioning turned off when you’re not at home and have the timer switch it on an hour before you get home. 

If you’re traveling out of the country and if your AC does not have an in-built timer, set your thermostat at a neutral temperature of about 24°C. The lower the temperature, the more your AC needs to work to keep your house cool. 

Invest in the right blinds and curtains

Want to keep your home cool without cranking up the air conditioning? Then keep sunlight to a minimum. Invest in blinds for your sun-facing windows that could heat up your whole room, making your AC work even harder than it already is. If you don’t use your bedroom for anything other than sleeping, there’s usually no need to let too much sunlight in during the summer. Go out for fresh air and Vitamin D or sit on your balcony for free and keep a healthy environment at home.

Keep heat-generating appliances to a minimum

Your home’s big appliances generate a lot of heat around them. This includes your television, washing machine, desktop computers, oven, and any other chargers and devices you have plugged in. Replace high-energy consumption of appliances by replacing them with more energy-efficient alternatives. 

Devices are now developed using new technologies that are smarter and that don’t use as much power as they used to, nor give off as much heat. Switch these devices off and unplug them when not in use so you won’t have to get your AC repaired and maintained all the time. Keep them away from your bedroom and main living areas that you want to remain cool.

Seal any cracks and leaks

Once a room is cool, you need to do everything you can to make sure that the cool air does not escape your healthy environment. Keep windows and doors closed, and you may even want to seal any small gaps. This applies to your air conditioner as well. Getting the vents and ducts of your AC cleaned by The Healthy Home will allow cool air to flow smoothly and efficiently into every room. Your AC can be maintained well if allowed to work properly. 

Arrange your furniture in a way that does not block the AC vents. If you have trouble sleeping, angle your bed in a way that the air does not blast your head but instead gently cools the whole room efficiently. 

AC maintenance is the key to cost efficiency this summer

As you have learnt, AC maintenance is the most effective way to keep your power bills in check. Our team can have your AC cleaned and serviced twice a year, ready for the heatwave ahead and to help you live in a safe and healthy environment. 

Reach out to The Healthy Home to book your AC repair and cleaning today.

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