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5 Signs your air ducts need cleaning

Professional ac duct cleaning services for a healthy lifestyle

Summer in Dubai is almost here and that means one thing - Time to crank up the AC! Keeping your AC maintained, cleaned, and prepped in time is the best way to prepare for the sweltering heat ahead. You need an AC duct cleaning service in Dubai that understands your needs and works with you to maintain a healthy environment and effective health and wellness in your home. 

If you’re not sure whether you require professional AC duct cleaning in Dubai, The Healthy Home is here to help. Here are 5 signs your air ducts need cleaning asap.

Visible dust and dirt

If you see dirt and dust, then you need to get your home cleaned. This is not a reflection of your lifestyle or cleaning routine and is completely normal. If your space stays dusty all the time, no matter how much time you spend cleaning it then you probably need your AC ducts cleaned. Even the cleanest homes will have dust, smoke particles, grime, dander from pets, and other types of harmful contaminants lingering in the air ducts. 

A professional AC cleaning service will do the trick.

Increasing allergies and respiratory issues

If you or one of your family members is suffering from allergies or respiratory bugs regularly, you might need to get your AC ducts cleaned to solve this. In today’s world and with the recent global pandemic, you need to do everything you can to curb the spread of infections within the home. Persistent sneezing and coughing can get aggravated with pollutants in the AC ducts. Having your AC professionally cleaned can improve the air quality of your home, leaving you with a safe and healthy environment.

Mould, rodents, and pests

Is your home infested with cockroaches, flies, insects, and mold? Before you call pest control, get your AC ducts deep cleaned. Pests love moldy, wet, and humid environments and during the winter we forget that our ACs can be a home and breeding ground for unwanted guests. Check for unusual and unpleasant smells or odors from your AC. This can be eliminated with a professional, deep clean.

Even the smallest insects can leave their droppings and nests in areas that you can’t see, so getting your AC cleaned professionally by The Healthy Home® will help alleviate the problem

ac duct cleaning, dubai ac cleaning

Increase in your AC and electricity bills

An usually high electricity bill could mean that your AC is using up more energy to run. Dirty AC ducts that are restricting smooth airflow lead to higher energy consumption and an increase in utility bills for you and your family. Keep your AC maintenance in check at regular intervals throughout the year to improve its efficiency for the long term. 

Inconsistent AC airflow across your home

Do you constantly find yourself adjusting the AC thermostat for each room throughout the day? Does the temperature seem different every single day? Many of us find it difficult to sleep when the temperature is not ideal for our bodies, and it can be extremely disruptive for light sleepers and those with small children or elderly family members in our homes.

Check for AC ducts that are broken, dented, or damaged. Professional AC cleaning and AC maintenance are required to unclog your AC ducts and even repair any damage that can occur over the years. 

Book the best AC duct cleaning in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Pay attention to these 5 signs that indicate when professional AC cleaning is needed for your home. It is a complicated, yet necessary process that requires advanced knowledge of AC systems, as well as specialized tools and equipment. Our team of experts at The Healthy Home will clean and service your AC ducts all across the UAE, to keep you safe for your health and wellness all year round.

Email us or call our friendly team on 800 72648493 to book an AC duct cleaning today.

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