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Sofa cleaning services in Dubai

Is Your Sofa Clean?

One of the most frequently used pieces of furniture found in a living room is the sofa. You are sitting or lying down on it virtually every day, whether it's to relax and watch some tv after work, have a light snack, read a book or even to squeeze in a short nap every now and then.

It should come as no surprise then, that your sofa is usually full of germs, food crumbs, dead skin cells and dust. If you could truly see what lurks inside your sofa, you may never want to sit on it ever again.

Luckily, you don't have to throw the couch away. All you need is to get your couch or sofa cleaning done by a professional sofa cleaning company.

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How is professional sofa cleaning better than DIY sofa cleaning?

When you clean your sofa, what you're really doing is brushing the visible dirt into the creases and corners. At most, you might be wiping away some of the surface level filth, but deep within your sofa the germs and harmful particles continue to accumulate. You will not really be able to reach those areas.

Stains, food crumbs, sweat, dust, dirt, pet hair and more, will all be absorbed by your couch. Regular sofa cleaning just won't cut it to get them out. That's why a professional sofa cleaning company in Dubai is your bet.

At The Healthy Home®, we use an industrial strength vacuum cleaner that is able to reach and successfully remove a majority of what lies beneath your sofa. This vacuum cleaner is 10x more powerful than a standard vacuum. We then apply dry steaming treatments to the sofa, killing any germs and bacteria without making the sofa wet or unnecessarily allowing it to become a host to mold.

Our sofa cleaning and sanitization service uses: 

  • Specialized industrial-strength pulsating vacuum device with HEPA filtration, which is 11x stronger than a regular household vacuum cleaner. 
  • Steam sanitization at 180°C killing any remaining bacteria, viruses, impurities, and dries in less than 1 minute, eliminating mold generation chances.

All you need to sanitize your sofa and get rid of all the hidden hazards, is to call us over to clean your sofa from top to bottom!

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