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Healthy Pregnancy Package

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Healthy Pregnancy Package

Welcome your newborn baby into a safe and nurturing environment with The Healthy Home. This tailormade “pick and choose” package is available exclusively to new mothers, both prenatal and postnatal. 

Pregnancy Package in Dubai

As any mother knows, pregnancy can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time, both physically and mentally. Child care typically begins even before the baby is born and can sometimes continue well after the child has grown up into a young adult. Naturally, we know how being a mom can be a thankless job, and how much effort and worry comes with the responsibility of preparing to welcome your newborn baby into the world. 

That’s why we at The Healthy Home are here to help take some of that worry off your back, by offering you a unique package made specifically for mothers who are expecting a baby, or just had a baby. 

This unique pregnancy package in Dubai will let you choose the services you want for your home, and receive a discount of 20% on the total bill. 

Any of our services can be included in the Healthy Pregnancy Package, including room sanitization, AC duct cleaning, mattress deep cleaning and sanitization, carpet dry cleaning and more. As always, we will use only the latest in cleaning and sanitization technology to ensure that the quality of your child’s prenatal and postnatal pregnancy care experience is as safe as can be, allowing them to grow up in an ideal environment.

The Best Pregnancy Care Solution for your Home in Dubai

We are one of the most premium service providers in the region, your baby’s environment is in good hands with us. We use clinically and scientifically proven methods, backed by trusted experts. Our techniques lead to proven, measurable increases in the indoor environmental quality (IEQ). Your home’s IEQ will definitely have a strong effect on your baby’s wellbeing, especially during pregnancy and for the months directly after. 

The importance of taking care of your baby’s health in a holistic manner cannot be overstated, and giving them a pure and healthy environment is one element of holistic care you should not ignore! For both prenatal and postnatal care, it’s crucial for mothers to monitor the air that your baby is breathing, the surfaces they are interacting with and the overall safety levels in your home. For places such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, as well as the UAE in general, we need to be extra careful since dust, bacteria and allergens are quite prevalent all year round. The humid climate can also influence the indoor environmental quality at home, which is why it is a smart idea to keep a dehumidifier in the baby’s room (or in any rooms where the baby is going to be sleeping and spending time in).

Best Services for The Healthy Pregnancy Package

This package, which is eligible to all mothers in the UAE, allows you to choose any combination of our services, and what services to choose for your baby’s care will depend on your house, your usual cleaning frequency and other environmental factors. However, for the best all-inclusive coverage, we recommend your pregnancy care services to include Pure Air® AC cleaning, Pure Water® tank cleaning and sanitization, and Safe Shield® disinfection and sanitization for surfaces.

Should your home be prone to pest infestations, then you should also consider our Safe Pest Control® service, which offers green and eco-friendly pest control service that is harmless to you and your child.

You can also book our other services for The Healthy Pregnancy Package, as there is no limit to the number or type of services you wish to benefit from. 

Contact us now to safeguard your home and make it the perfect environment for your arriving little one to thrive in.

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