Furniture deep cleaning packages


What is Furniture Deep Cleaning and Sanitization packages?


Our home Furniture Deep Cleaning and Sanitization packages are tailor-made to provide a variety of treatments, depending on the number of rooms in your apartment or villa. These packages consist of several treatments from our service menu at one price point.

What is the validity of the packages?


Our Furniture Deep Cleaning Package is valid for bookings within one year.

What are the payment terms for booking the package?


To book the furniture deep cleaning package, the entire amount needs to be pre-paid at the time of booking. This payment will be applied as credit for future bookings within the package contract, offering convenience and flexibility for your cleaning needs.

What is included in the packages?


Our Furniture Deep Cleaning Package includes deep vacuuming, and sanitization for all your sofas, carpets, and mattresses at your home. For sofas and carpets, we do deep vacuuming, steaming, and sanitizing. For mattresses, we provide deep vacuuming and UV light sanitization to ensure a thorough and hygienic cleaning experience.


  • Leather items, outdoor furniture, shampooing treatment
  • Curtains cleaning (client can add-on the service with 30% off if booked together with the package)

What are the package plans available?


Our Furniture Deep Cleaning package consists of three plans:

One-Time: Includes 1-time deep cleaning of furniture

Bi-Annual: Most recommended recurring deep cleaning of furniture 2 times a year at a special discounted price

Quarterly: Deep cleaning of furniture 4 times a year with an additional discount on the regular price.

What type of package transfers are possible?


Our packages depend on the number of rooms in your apartment or villa. The contract can be transferred without any additional cost if you shift to a similar property. But if the property type or the number of bedrooms differ, then your contract would be revised based on the criteria mentioned above.

What clients say about our services

Benefits of deep home cleaning

  • Boosted immune system

  • Improved energy levels

  • Reduced allergy triggers

  • Bacteria/ virus free environment

  • No bad odours

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