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Why Mold is Formed and Its Impacts on Your Health

Reasons why you may experience mold growth in your indoor environment

An often overlooked problem threatening the gradual decline in your home's hygiene and health is the growth of mold. It is a type of fungi that is initially hard to notice but in time with little to no preventive measures taken, can turn into a hazardous nightmare. With constant neglect to keep an indoor environment safe and healthy, you may eventually start noticing signs of mold on walls and other places. While they may seem harmless at an early stage, leaving them be is not an option if you have any care for maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with your loved ones.

The impact on your health as a result of mold growth can be severe, and the disease acquired can be hard to treat and sometimes irreversible in some cases. In a humid environment like that of Dubai, it is surprising to witness ignorance when it comes to treating mold or ensuring its removal as studies have shown that 50% of households in the UAE had mold on their walls and some were visibly noticeable in parts of their indoor spaces.

As many homes were victimized due to the growth of mold on their walls and other places, the outcome was not pretty. Experts found out that 93% of chronic diseases are caused due to constant exposure to mold, this issue, unfortunately, does not stop here. Living in damp environments or a moldy home brought the chances of developing asthma up to 40% and the cases recorded of people developing asthma due to mold were up to 21%.

Fortunately, there are ways to protect you and your home from such dangers and maintain a healthy quality of living by making sure to regularly schedule professional mold removal. Mold is hard to notice and remove, many places in your home are prone to catering to the growth of mold. This is why seeking professionals for mold remediation is important as a lack of knowledge could be much more hazardous in the end.

Now that we have understood the impact on our health and before we understand the process of mold removal, let us go through some of the reasons to understand why and how mold is formed.

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Damp environment

When it comes to living in a home in an environment like that of Dubai, facing an atmosphere filled with damp spaces is quite normal. A damp environment is found in places that are prone to getting wet, where the existence of moisture is more like your kitchen or your bathroom along with spaces that are hardly used. As a result of moisture due to the dampness, the chances of witnessing mold on your walls or other places are eventually imminent. You need to ensure that the damp spaces in your home are regularly treated and a dry environment is maintained, but if they are not and you start witnessing any signs of mold, ensure scheduling professional mold removal to resolve this issue the best way possible.

Poor ventilation

One of the essential things required to maintain a healthy home is to ensure that the indoor environment is set up with proper ventilation. The growth of mold is constant in environments where appropriate ventilation is non-existent and stagnant air is quite persistent. It is common to experience a humid atmosphere where moisture is regularly experienced. As humidity mixes up with improper airflow, the growth of mold then becomes an obvious inevitability, retaining a healthy indoor space with required levels of ventilation is important in case you want to continue breathing safe and clean air, a healthy airflow can help keep allergens from harming you. Treating mold by yourself can be tricky and is not recommended, hiring professionals to ensure complete and effective mold removal is the way to go.

Unclean AC ducts

Dirty AC systems and unclean air ducts are common environments for mold to thrive and grow, it goes without saying that in such cases leaving an AC system unattended may be unwise. An air conditioner serves more than the purpose of providing you with good AC cooling, it is also responsible for keeping your indoor air quality good so that you can breathe clean air consistently. mold residing as a result of maintaining an unclean AC duct will be hazardous, and the chances of acquiring respiratory illnesses due to breathing air produced from such an AC are more likely to strike. Regularly booking AC duct cleaning services in Dubai is one way to ensure protection against the growth of mold, booking professional mold removal services can help you further benefits of achieving a safe and healthy quality of living.


Water leakages are experienced by almost everyone, however, treating this issue at the earliest is important as it happens to be one of the major causes of mold growth in a home. A broken pipeline is often responsible for turning your indoor environment into a damp mess, this, as mentioned before can cause the growth of mold on your walls. While repairing your pipelines or other sources of leakages is important, ensure contacting professionals for a mold removal service in case you notice the signs.


Heat and humidity are an atmosphere that covers all of Dubai and UAE. As a result, it is more likely for mold to appear in your homes when living in such areas. With high humidity, comes a great amount of moisture mixed in with the air. The possibility of getting exposed to comparatively larger amounts of mold in humid environments is only natural, this is why it is important to make sure that you have a perfectly functional and clean AC that is capable of protecting you from the outside heat and humidity. To be on the safer side, booking professional mold removal can help get rid of this pestilence at your first sighting.

While mold is annoying and unsafe, there are ways you can control it. You can start by inspecting for any signs of leakages and repairing them if you find any, you should also ensure that your home has a proper system for ventilation of fresh air. Also, make sure that all areas in your home are not damp maintain safer indoor air quality, and prevent any possibilities of mold growth by making sure to book professional AC cleaning services in Dubai regularly. To achieve a considerably better outcome, ensure installing a reliable dehumidifier or an air purifier to keep the humidity of your indoor space in check.

The measures mentioned above are effective ways to control the growth of mold. To eliminate the growth of mold, ensure the scheduling of professional mold removal in Dubai.

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