When should you replace your AC instead of doing AC repair

When Should You Replace Your AC Instead Of Doing AC Repair?

Should you go for an AC replacement in place of ac maintenance and repair

When Should You Replace Your AC Instead Of Doing AC Repair?

You have been using your ac for a long time now and a few years of usage have brought in some changes to it, so you start wondering if you should have it replaced or just book an ac repair in Dubai, the reasons could stem from you getting high bills, less cooling, and so on. ACs are a necessary element of any household in Dubai and it depends on a particular situation if you need to repair, book an ac maintenance service or replace them,  So let us go through some reasons to know when you should replace your ac instead of repairing them.

Lifespan and Repair Period

Modern air conditioners have an average lifetime of 15 to 25 years before they start acting differently and you can only go so long with using it as after a while the repair costs start piling up and you realise that the better option would be to buy a new one. It is important to have a regular check-up and ac maintenance in Dubai to determine if you really need to replace your ac or just have an ac repair service done, as sometimes repair or ac maintenance could just be what you needed, as we mentioned above it depends on your situation. A thorough check-up of your ac by a 

professional service could determine if you need a replacement or an ac repair in Dubai, in a lot of instances various problems can be remedied through ac cleaning or by booking an ac duct cleaning service. It is highly recommended that you should start preparing to purchase a new unit as it starts coming close to the end of its life because as your ac starts growing older parts and tools for replacement start becoming rare, in the end, it becomes very difficult for an ac repair to take place.

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Energy Efficiency

Sometimes you may start to wonder why you are receiving such high bills. A cause could be your ac has accumulated some dust over time and is sucking too much electricity resulting in a higher bill, this can be fixed by scheduling an ac duct cleaning service in Dubai. What if ac cleaning is not the reason? What if your AC has just grown old, in situations such as this AC repair would not be a good idea as it would just be better to get a new one especially when they are better and more energy efficient saving you from a steeper electricity bill.


Another reason could simply be the cooling level of your ac, you may start thinking why does your ac not provide you with the cooling at the level at which your neighbour is receiving? Again, sometimes cooling starts to go down because it needs ac maintenance and it could be more expensive to replace it than when it could simply be solved with a simple ac repair in Dubai, a simple ac duct cleaning service could solve this problem. If maintenance is not the issue It could be time to look for a new AC, so you can check out the stores and select the best option according to your requirements. In some events the problem may not be the cooling, it could be that the air flowing from the ac is no longer good as it used to be, the problem could be a damaged compressor or a damaged vent, this problem can be fixed but could turn out to be very costly and getting a new ac might just be your option. A dirty ac can be the start of a bigger problem as the quality of your air is directly dependent on the cleanliness of your ac, regular ac cleaning and better yet professional ac duct cleaning services can ensure that the air coming out of your ac is unpolluted.


Your ac could start leaking at a point in time, this is a common problem that could be fixed with a simple ac repair in Dubai, but what if it isn't? If your ac starts leaking even after multiple repairs and a number of ac maintenance services, then it may be time for you to replace it. Leakages in time get bigger and more annoying, repairing them is of no use. Leakages are one of the most important factors to keep in mind when thinking of replacing and getting a new ac.


It could be a hassle and an expensive endeavour to repair your old ac once it passes its warranty period. If after the period you start experiencing problems and ac repair doesn't seem worth it to you it may be best for you to just find a new replacement.

It is important to remember to always contact a professional ac repair and maintenance service provider to check up on your ac and its surroundings for any faulty insulations, as they could damage the next AC you buy. Also, it is recommended that you should only replace your ac if nothing works as a replacement can be heavy on your wallet. If in the end, you have decided to replace your old ac, make sure to perform regular ac cleaning services, also make certain that it is maintained, and repaired to ensure a longer ac life by booking a professional ac maintenance and repair service in Dubai. 

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