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It’s good to be able to prepare and prevent a disaster before it actually happens. Especially if you live in Dubai and the disaster in question is your AC suddenly failing in the middle of a hot day! Experiencing uncomfortable heat and sweating while you wait for the emergency AC repair man to arrive is not something you want to go through if you can avoid it in the first place. Luckily, you can avoid it! Your AC will indeed give you signs that there’s going to be an impending breakdown soon, and if you spot these signs, you’ll be able to schedule an AC repair and maintenance service to prevent the problem from happening, saving yourself some convenience and money in the process.

Let’s get into the 5 major signs that will let you know when your AC repair is almost due:

1 - You Notice Warm Air Coming Out of Your AC Vents

If your AC is failing at doing its main job, which is to blow cool air into your home and keep the temperature at a comfortable level, then that is an obvious sign that an AC repair company should be contacted soon. This problem is typically caused by a variety of reasons, including clogged filters, or a faulty capacitor. In any case, your best bet is to call an AC repair company in Dubai and have them visit to take a look at your AC in order to identify and fix the problem.

2 - You Smell a Four Odor When You Switch On Your AC

Any foul smell originating from your AC is a bad sign. In some cases, it could be that something may have gotten inside your ducts and is now rotting, or some kind of leak is happening close to the AC unit. In cases like this, AC duct cleaning might be all you need to get rid of the smell and keep the AC functioning normally, instead of AC repair. However, if you detect any odor that smells like something burning, or even a strong chemical smell, it is imperative that you contact a professional AC repair man or technician immediately! A burning smell can mean that your insulation or wiring is damaged and burned, which can be a fire hazard if not attended to! Musty or chemical smells are also harmful, as they could mean that there is now mold in your AC for instance, which is hazardous. When in doubt, always call an AC repair expert to be safe. Many of these issues are relatively easy to solve, especially if detected early. However, replacing a burned-out AC unit or having to deal with a major mold infestation can prove to be a much more costly and taxing affair than simply having booked a preemptive AC repair service.

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3 - You Hear Loud Noises Coming From Your AC

A random loud noise could mean anything and is not usually a cause for concern. However, if you regularly hear loud noises, especially if they are coming from your AC, then it could be a sign that an AC repair service is overdue. Scrapping or banging sounds usually mean that a component is either too loose or too rigid, and if not repaired can lead to damage of other components in your AC system. Repetitive banging can also mean that there is a problem with the AC unit itself. Timely AC repair might be able to have the issue resolved before the wear and tear damage becomes too much to fix, leading to costly replacement of your AC.

4 - You Notice a Water Leak Around Your AC Unit or Ducts

Needless to say, a leak of any kind usually means that something is broken, cracked, or loose. A leak is not necessarily a harmful or hazardous issue, however, you should undertake to book an AC repair service shortly after discovering the leak. If allowed to continue for an extended period of time, a leak can lead to long-term damage to the unit’s more fragile parts, exposing them to rust and corrosion. It can even damage other parts of your home, such as any nearby piping, furniture, or even the walls themselves. Leaks accumulate damage over time, therefore they are easily prevented from doing any real damage in most cases. Just be sure to have a trusted AC repair company on speed dial!

5 - You Notice Your Energy Bills Going Up for No Clear Reason

This one is a little tricky to properly identify, especially in a place like Dubai. Obviously, your energy bill can go up due to increased usage of your AC during the summer months for example. Sometimes you won’t be sure if the increase in your energy bill can be attributed to increased usage, or an issue in your AC causing it to be less efficient. However, any good company specializing in AC repair in Dubai will be able to identify if there truly is a problem or not. A good way to go about this is to only call in an AC repair service or inspection if the cost of your bill goes up drastically for more than a month. Usually, by the second month of unexplainable spiking, you’ll know for sure that there indeed is an issue that requires some attention. 

Of course, sometimes your AC may break down unexpectedly with little to no warning, and you might not always be prepared to call in a preemptive AC maintenance service. That’s why, at The Healthy Home, we have trained AC repair experts ready to speedily investigate and solve any problems or breakdowns you may face at home. We bring premium service quality to your door in a quick and convenient manner, because we all know how serious a breakdown in Dubai’s heat can be. 

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