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How Clean Are Clinics?

Clinics and various health care providers are among the most common places to get exposed to contagious viruses which makes maintaining hygiene standards extremely important. We, at The Healthy Home®, help the region’s best health care providers ensure patient’s safety by maintaining the best Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by eliminating airborne contaminants and sanitization all surfaces within their premises with our Pure Air® and Pure Surface® treatments. We are the best at what we do, which includes clinic cleaning services as well as hospital cleaning services.

Benefits of Keeping Your Workplace Sanitized
  • Bacteria Free Environment

  • Promote Holistic Well-Being

  • Reduce Cross Contamination

  • Enhanced Client Satisfaction

Recommended Treatments For You
  • Pure Surface® Surface Disinfection & Sanitization

  • Green Shield®

  • Pure Air® AC Duct Cleaning

  • IEQ Testing & Management

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