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Move in with peace of mind with our Ultra Move-in Deep Cleaning®

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deep cleaning services dubai

Professional Deep Cleaning services in Dubai

The importance move-in deep cleaning

Moving into a new location can be an incredibly stressful ordeal. Regardless of whether you are moving to a new home or switching to a bigger office, you will no doubt need to prepare a checklist of things to do if you want to make sure the moving-in process goes smoothly. You can reduce the hassle by letting professionals deep clean your new home before the move is made, instead of doing it yourself.

Some people are unsure if deep cleaning services in Dubai are even necessary when moving in, but it can help prevent issues from popping up in the coming months, forcing them to worry about and attempt to solve them later on. Issues such as:

  • Dust and even mold left behind in many areas, such as the AC ducts
  • Grimy, dirty bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Swathes of dirt and dust hid in different corners of the house

There are more potential problems you could face, especially if you do not know who the previous tenants were.

Newly built homes can also house hidden dangers, such as toxic paint residues and the accumulation of dust and debris in certain areas. There is hardly ever any post-construction cleaning efforts, which makes the professional move in deep cleaning all the more necessary in a place like Dubai.

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Why should you hire The Healthy Home® for deep cleaning in Dubai?

The Healthy Home®'s deep cleaning services in Dubai are extensive and designed to cover as many aspects of your new home as possible. We thoroughly clean out your rooms from dust, bacteria and other hidden dangers, even in hard to reach areas!

Our dedicated professional teams will ensure that every corner of your new home is attended to. We allocate a full day to clean your home if needed, and we understand that an "empty" house is not an easy job to deep clean, unlike some other companies that may only allocate a few hours for a move in deep cleaning job.

We also provide you with a detailed report complete with before and after pictures once the job is complete.

What does our deep cleaning service include? 

We have two main deep cleaning service options; one that covers most aspects and is suitable for most small homes.

The other is our Ultra Move In deep cleaning service, which includes a 30 item checklist for the most comprehensive deep cleaning treatment a home can receive. This service is much more suited to larger homes, or ones with many rooms. It may also be ideal for homes that were left in a very dirty state after the previous owners moved out.

You can get in touch with our wellness consultants for more details on our deep cleaning services and the exact items covered, give them a call or message at anytime!

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