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The Healthy Home: 10 Years of Improving Health and Wellness In KSA

Our Decade-Long Journey In Creating Healthy Living

Over the span of 10 years, the focus on health and wellness has grown significantly. With the increased awareness of the impact of the surroundings on our health, the concept of achieving a healthy home for a healthy lifestyle has become more essential than ever before. The Healthy Home is a leading provider of home wellness solutions in the middle east with cutting-edge eco-friendly technology and solutions, and for the past 10 years, we have been on a mission to holistically improve and maintain the health and wellness of families and their homes. 

In the journey we embarked upon, our holistic approach was taken to  KSA, UAE, and Kuwait with a dream and a message to inspire as many homes and families to live a full, happy, and healthy lifestyle. So, let us reflect upon our decade-long journey and share some of the ways in which we have been working to create healthier homes for families across the middle east.

The Beginning - Our Passion For A Healthier Home

The Healthy Home was founded in 2013 to help people obtain an indoor environment that promotes holistic health, comfort, and sustainability. This concept was inspired by a family history of asthma and other respiratory health problems that were deeply rooted in the extreme weather conditions of the middle east. After the revelation and the realization that there were factors at play that were responsible for the quality of our well-being on a daily basis, we evolved our mission to become wellness activists that aimed at providing a holistic direction through The Healthy Home by building a community that helps people lead a healthy lifestyle at their home and beyond. We started by raising awareness and by offering assessments we evaluate a home's environment including indoor air quality, water quality, and other factors that could impact health and comfort. At a time, when the concept of a healthy home was still young and not well understood by the masses, we were determined to bring a change.

Over The Years - Innovations And Solutions For Healthier Indoor Environments

Since the beginning, we have been dedicated to continuously and consistently improving our services and offerings to meet the evolving needs of our customers to help them obtain a healthy lifestyle. Our team of experts and specialists has worked tirelessly to research and develop fresh solutions for healthier homes and other indoor spaces. Over the years, we are proud to confess that we have served more than 52,000 happy customers by efficiently completing more than 100,000 services across 3 countries. The experts at The Healthy Home are hard at work and have continued consistently improving the indoor environment by professionally taking care of cleaning more than 107,000 mattresses and more than 20,000 ac ducts over 10 years. Our services have gone beyond creating a healthy home, as we have also worked on creating healthy environments for schools, offices, hospitality chains, fitness centers, and more. Our belief that we want you to live in a home that has a positive impact on your health and wellness has never wavered. We have not only focused on improving your physical health, but we have also worked on creating an environment that caters to the improvement of your mental health and you achieve a healthy lifestyle as a result. On this journey, we have seen the health and wellness trend gain momentum and we are glad to have been at the forefront of this movement.

The Future - A Commitment To Continued Improvement

The Healthy Home is committed to improving the health and well-being of families, and we will continue to research and develop new ways to help you and your loved ones achieve a healthy lifestyle in the years to come. We are always passionate about creating healthy homes and indoor spaces, we believe that everyone is deserving and entitled to live in a safe, comfortable, and healthy environment. Whether it is improving your indoor air quality or your overall hygiene, we will continue to work towards our goal of helping everyone achieve a healthier quality of living in the middle east.

Our journey of helping people lead a healthy lifestyle and improving wellness has been an exciting one, and we have never been more proud of what we have achieved in the past decade as our story has been one that is of commitment, dedication, and passion. We look forward to continuing our adventure for the years to come and making a positive impact on the health and well-being of families everywhere.

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