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Tips On How To Perform Mattress Cleaning

There is no doubt in our minds when we say that a mattress is an essential part of our home as we spend a fair amount of our life on it. It is for such reasons regular mattress cleaning becomes important, keeping a mattress healthy and clean should always be in our minds as it can help in keeping us healthy and happy in return.

Our mattresses are prone to attracting dust and becoming dirty in no time, especially in a place like KSA where a Dusty climate is a common occurrence. It is unwise to avoid mattress cleaning for long, as a mattress that is left unattended and unclean for long can have negative effects not only on our health but also on our pockets. Dirty mattresses that have not gone through regular mattress cleaning will eventually be infested with harmful germs and dust mites, turning the mattress into an unlivable mess. This, if not taken care of in time can leave us with no choice but to have our mattress disposed of and replaced, which can be an expensive option I am sure we would all like to avoid. These problems can all be avoided if we take the time to regularly perform mattress cleaning activities at home. While mattress cleaning done by us is a task that should be done frequently, it may not be enough. Our mattresses from time to time require cleaning services that are beyond our abilities as there are aspects of a mattress that you cannot clean. So in such cases, it is recommended you book a professional mattress cleaning service. Professional cleaners know how to clean a mattress in Riyadh properly and possess the required skill to thoroughly perform a mattress cleaning service, ensuring to keep your mattress as good as new.

Performing mattress cleaning by ourselves regularly can be a daunting task due to our lack of knowledge on how to clean the mattress properly, but it doesn't have to be. As it turns out if mattress cleaning is done correctly, the process can be quite simple and efficient.

So no need to worry if mattress cleaning seems like a scary task to undertake as below are the steps on how to clean your mattress in Riyadh appropriately that can help you maintain the quality of your mattress.

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Vacuum Your Mattress

It takes no time for dust and dirt to settle into our mattresses, along with dust you can also find food particles and hair residing in our mattresses. This is a quite common issue and is found in almost all mattresses, but a mattress that is full of dust can affect your breathing and disrupt your sleep. The solution to this is to perform mattress cleaning by vacuuming to get rid of all the dust and dirt present, do not forget to vacuum the narrow crevices to eliminate dust as much as possible. Make sure to vacuum the sides and flip over the mattress to clean and cover all the aspects properly.

Regularly vacuuming the mattress is good for removing the dust present, there can still be dust in places our vacuums cannot reach. So to ensure the removal of all the dust and dirt present, schedule a professional mattress cleaning service. Professional cleaners know how to clean a mattress in Riyadh and are experienced as required to get rid of all the lying dust present by performing a skilled mattress cleaning service as a result, leaving behind a mattress that lets you breathe dust-free air while you sleep peacefully.

Remove Any Stain

Activities like eating and drinking happen often on our mattresses and the possibility of leaving behind stains becomes high as a result. While stains existing on our mattresses are common, keeping them that way for long and not performing the required mattress cleaning treatment on time can make the removal of stains difficult. There are some treatments you can try at home that help you get rid of the stains, depending on the type of stain obtained the treatment may vary which makes knowing how to clean the mattress using the required treatment important. A treatment that is commonly used in the removal of stains is making a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, then spraying it on the stain and cleaning it with a white cloth.

Alternatively, you can also create a paste using salt and lemon juice then apply it to the stain and leave it for an hour, clean off the salt with a wet cloth after an hour. 

It is important to note that while there are home treatments that can help in the removal of stains, there is still a risk that you may damage our mattress due to not knowing how to clean a mattress in Riyadh. Mattresses require proper care and one mistake could lessen its quality and worse, leave lasting damage to the mattress. It is recommended in case of stains, to always book a professional mattress cleaning service. Professional cleaners are qualified and know how to clean your mattress properly, they can ensure the removal of all types of stains as they possess the necessary technology to do so without leaving any harm on the mattress resulting in a mattress that looks and feels as good as new.

Dry out the Moisture

After performing treatments to remove the stains, your mattress could hold moisture due to the performed treatment. So make sure to dry out the moisture along with deodorising the mattress to ensure that it smells fresh. The process of achieving this is simple, all you have to do is sprinkle baking soda from a couple of boxes and leave it on your mattress for a few hours. A few hours later, run your vacuum through the mattress to remove all the powder, and make sure to repeat this process on the opposite side of the mattress as well. This process will make sure to dry out the moisture and leave your mattress with a fresh smell. These processes can be time-consuming and could pose future problems in case you do not know how to clean a mattress properly. So ensure an efficient cleaning process by booking a professional mattress cleaning service from someone that knows how to clean a mattress in Riyadh.

Air Out Moisture

There could still be a small amount of moisture left after the treatments are performed, the best way to air out the moisture and mold if any, would be to dry out your mattress in the sun. Drying out the mattress in the sunlight could effectively remove all the moisture and ensure that your mattress is completely clean and ready.

Additional things you can do to protect your mattress from future issues is to seal up your mattress with a waterproof mattress protector. This can help in repelling any incoming dust and dirt ready to settle, given the chance.

Mattresses are one of the most important elements in our homes that we cannot live without and as such requires great care. A clean mattress in KSA can ensure that we are breathing clean air and avoid disruption of our sleep patterns, they also guarantee a clean healthy environment along with a healthy indoor air quality. While you can perform various mattress cleaning treatments, they may not be enough to take care of the mattress all the way through. You do not possess the required knowledge on how to clean a mattress and risk adding to more problems in certain situations. So to avoid any issues and ensure complete and thorough cleaning, make sure to book a professional mattress cleaning service. The professionals know how to clean a mattress and are appropriately equipped and experienced, they will make sure to not only clean your mattress thoroughly but also extend its lifespan for the long run while keeping it as good as new.

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