Water Tank Cleaning

How A Clean Water Tank Keeps Your Water Safe In Saudi Arabia

How Water Tank Cleaning Keeps Your Water Safe

Did you know that the company that supplies drinking water is only responsible for its safety (under certain established parameters) only until it enters your home? From there on, it is your responsibility to ensure it stays clean and suitable for use.

In the case of a private home, it is not mandatory to perform water tank cleaning to maintain a clean water tank but is highly advisable. That is why the authorities in KSA are very strict in the control of hygiene and require water tank cleaning and disinfection of water for their respective bacteriological and physicochemical analyzes that guarantee the safety and quality of the water used.

Today, The Healthy Home will tell you how to properly re-ensure clean water at your home.

As a general rule, the disinfection of water and water tank cleaning services in KSA should be at least carried out twice annually.

Booking the right water tank cleaning services can ensure a clean water tank that can last longer without constant appointments.

You have to Maintain A Clean Water Tank

Water stored inside the tank may undergo changes that alter its quality and deteriorate the system. This is mainly due to two particular facts:

1) The water that reaches the tank brings with it certain impurities and particles (usual tartar from the pipes) that are deposited in the bottom. With the passage of time and the lack of regular disinfection of water along with the lack of maintaining a clean water tank, thick layers are formed that end up influencing water quality. It is important to note that the lesser water used in the tank and remaining in the tank for long periods, the more impurities accumulate to contaminate it which can eventually leave you with a dirty water tank in immediate need of cleaning.

2) The state of preservation in which the tank is located, for example, that it has cracks or breaks, flaws in the lid or basic defects in the seal that allows contact with the outside and the possibility of allowing various pathogens inside, such as bacteria or parasites, viruses, etc. These issues can all be avoided by scheduling regular water tank cleaning services, the cleaners are experienced and trained to ensure a clean water tank while making sure that there is no way for harm to find its way inside.

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Consequences of poor maintenance and water tank cleaning:

The lack of maintaining a clean water tank and water tank cleaning beyond deterioration causes issues in the plumbing system of our homes and may end up in the obstruction or breakage of pipes. Water tanks if left unattended for a long can start developing rust, this can not only contaminate the water but also damage the water tank. The neglect to book water tank cleaning and disinfection of water can have severe repercussions on the quality of the water, you must always maintain a clean water tank to keep you and your family safe while ensuring a clean flow of water along with a protected water tank. 

In terms of health:

The germs that are most frequently found in a tank with a lack of maintenance that do not go through regular water tank cleaning and disinfection of water are coliforms and pseudomonas, although it is also feasible to find various viruses and parasites.

Coliforms appear in tanks that have not seen water tank cleaning for a long time or in cases where dead animals such as pigeons or rats are found. They can cause various conditions, but those that predominate are intestinal diseases. These usually occur in young children and show up with diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal pain, with or without fever. The severity varies from one person to another being more severe in children. In such cases, water tank cleaning becomes important, it is essential to retain a clean water tank so that the risk of impurities being poured out of our taps can be avoided.

The Pseudomonas, and within them the Aeruginosa is the one that acquires greater relevance for being quite common and very difficult to eliminate. Sometimes it is necessary to perform more than one water tank cleaning. Pseudomonas play an important role in hospitalized patients or with underlying diseases and are characterized as infections that are of some severity. These infect wounds, and burns and also cause lung infections. They are germs of difficult elimination. Regular water tank cleaning in Saudi Arabia done by professionals along with disinfection of water can help in getting rid of all the bacteria and germs, ensuring a clean water tank in return that provides water fit for consumption.

At The Healthy Home, our “Pure Water” water tank cleaning service is a specialized offer to clean your water tank in all possible ways. Book a water tank cleaning service in Saudi Arabia now and let us ensure a clean water tank in your house, a source of healthy life for you and your entire family.

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