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How Dust Mites Cause Moisture Allergy

How Allergies Are Caused By Dust Mites

Humidity is not only an aesthetic and health problem. It can also be a “breeding ground” for dust mites, whose appearance can cause severe allergies or dermatological pathologies that affect children especially.

The dust mites and how to get rid of them are a big problem in many households in the Kuwait. Living in an environment exposed to moisture increases the risk of respiratory diseases and aggravates rheumatic diseases, in addition to the famous moisture and dust mite allergy. Not only that, the long-term symptoms caused by moisture include the feeling of discomfort, chills, tiredness, difficulty breathing, cold feet, or headache.

In addition, moisture (for example in the carpets and upholstery) creates a favorable environment for the appearance of bacteria, fungi, and moisture mites. In autumn, with the first rains of the year, the humidity in the environment increases, and the proliferation of these mites is further favored. This proliferation comes with inevitable health damage that can affect everyone in a household. So Dust mites, and how to get rid of them should be widespread knowledge to ensure a safe environment.

According to research, 80 percent of all people who have allergies are allergic to the decomposed parts and waste of dust mites. That makes up around 10 percent of the entire population of the world. This is how dangerous these little creatures are. Dust mites size while tiny can come in large numbers making them a threat that is problematic to solve. This makes booking regular disinfection and sanitization services important. The professionals know every detail about dust mites and how to get rid of them effectively.

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Diseases associated with mites and moisture allergy

Moisture mites increase the risk of respiratory diseases. For example, these Dust mites are a common asthma trigger in babies. They also contribute to the appearance of allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis.

They also increase the likelihood of developing allergies. Allergies are a state of hypersensitivity of the body to a specific substance (allergen) when it is inhaled, ingested, or touched. Numerous factors help the development or increase of allergic symptoms, including prolonged exposure to high humidity levels and the presence of mites. As the dust mites size is tiny, locating them could pose a difficulty. They could already be present in beds and you wouldn't be able to notice.

The appearance of first symptoms of mite allergy is usually in autumn. According to the Institute of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, at the moist time of year, there are the temperature and humidity conditions that these microorganisms need to proliferate.

In addition to allergies and respiratory diseases, moisture mites can also favor the development of dermatological diseases such as atopic dermatitis and skin rashes.

All these pathologies can appear more frequently in babies since their immune system is not yet mature. To avoid these issues make sure to book sanitization and disinfection services, to ensure a safe environment for your children. The professionals are equipped and experienced in dealing with dust mites, how to get rid of them is an easy process for them. They can get rid of them regardless of the dust mites size.

How do get rid of dust and moisture mites?

When it comes to dust mites, how to get rid of them remains a lingering question. To avoid the appearance of moisture mites in our home, it is important to keep the house always well-ventilated, keep the humidity below 50% and not exceed 22ºC.

Dehumidifiers and air conditioning can be used to control the humidity and temperature of the different rooms.

Regardless of dust mites size, they are very sensitive to sunlight and choose dark areas for their development. Therefore, a well-lit house with natural light helps prevent the appearance of these nasty bugs.

If your home is infested with dust mites, how to get rid of them would be to eliminate them by regularly booking a sanitization and disinfection service. If you have humidity and do not know how to end them, follow the above tips and tricks to get it and deal with the allergy to moisture.

Professional help is the best solution, to get rid of this problem. At The Healthy Home, we offer professional sanitization and disinfection services that eliminate every chance of survival for these little bugs in your household. We are committed to turning your living spaces in Kuwait into a healthy and happy environment – our sanitization and disinfection service is designed to help you deal with dust mites, how to get rid of them along with pests and bed bugs that pose a great threat to your health. We offer a complete package to turn your home into a sustainable and healthy home.

Dust mites can be a real threat to the health of your entire family, and they can easily find places to hide and thrive in your carpets and upholstery. Though the dust mites size is tiny, they can cause asthma, allergy, respiratory issues, and deprivation of sleeping and energy level. Professional disinfection and sanitization services are the best solutions to get rid of these problems and lead a healthy lifestyle.

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