Individual Room Sanitization Kuwait

Our individual room sanitization package in Kuwait has been created with single-room treatment requirements in mind. The package consists of several different treatments from our service menu.

Room Sanitization Services in Kuwait

In order to minimize the number of germs around you, you should do a lot more than just hand sanitizing frequently, to ensure that your surroundings are safe and the air you breathe is as pure as it can get, room sanitization is important as this truly minimizes the germs and bacteria around you. Room sanitization is particularly important if someone was recently infected with an illness and used a particular room during the quarantine period. In this case, you could possibly get away with just room sanitization instead of having to sanitize the whole premises.

We would recommend getting furniture and room sanitization service done by professionals at least every 6 months to minimize the number of germs and bacteria in your room and improve your indoor air quality.

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We have two packages for Individual Room Sanitization, which are:
  • Standard Package - KD 50

Carpet Cleaning and Sanitization

This part of the treatment consists of thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the carpet in your room. Your carpets can be among the dirtiest pieces of furniture at your home; not only because we may walk all over it when we come into the house after a day out, but also because there can be a lot of dust settled into the carpet from outside in general.

Our carpet cleaning treatment is a multi-step process. The room sanitizing machine used in our carpet cleaning treatment is of the highest quality and the solution used is completely eco-friendly, making sure that you are not exposed to any chemical fumes.

Curtain cleaning and sanitization

When it comes to room sanitization we always overlook our curtains. Curtains act as a shield in the house which often is considered the main item in the house that attracts a lot of allergens, dust, and germs which in return can cause you and your family health issues and allergy triggers.

A professional curtain cleaning is needed to keep your home safe, eliminate these health risks, and maintain clean indoor air quality.

The treatment process for the curtain cleaning is similar to the carpet cleaning, the room sanitizing machine used is of the highest grade and the solution is eco-friendly.

Mattress cleaning and sanitization

We spend 1/3 of our time on our mattress, it is inevitable that our mattress becomes home to millions of dust mites, bacteria, and many other living organisms, which are medically proven to trigger several health problems such as Asthma, Allergies, Eczema, and morning fatigue. Proper deep mattress cleaning has become essential to maintain a clean mattress and a healthy lifestyle proper deep mattress cleaning has become essential.

The room sanitizing machine used for mattress cleaning is similar to the rest of the treatments but with one extra major piece of equipment, the Medical-grade Germicidal Ultraviolet Light machine!

Room sanitization and disinfection

Although we tend to clean surfaces regularly, the role of the home-used detergent isn't really effective when it comes to eliminating and killing bacteria. Even though it has been the case for years and before the pandemic, only now we are more aware on the importance of room sanitization and disinfection services. Not to mention disinfection and sanitization's importance in improving indoor air quality.

Benefits to Keeping Your Room Sanitized
  • Bacteria Free Environment

  • Reduced Allergy Triggers

  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

  • Increased Energy Levels

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