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Remove a stain from carpets, sofas, and mattresses

Does upholstery shampooing help eliminate stains?

There is a multitude of ways in which your furniture can get dirty. It could be a spilled drink, pet dander or pee, greasy food chunks, and the list goes on. What this means for you, unfortunately, is that there really isn't a one size fits all solution to remove stains from your carpets and sofas. Some stains and blotches on fabric can be quickly removed with a little soap scrubbing, while others seem to become permanent marks on the sofa which never go away no matter what you end up trying. One thing you can consider with tougher stains is to hire professional furniture cleaners for a deep upholstery shampooing service.

Thorough shampooing of your furniture can certainly help break down tough stains, and in cases where the stain remains, may at least help reduce the prominence of the stain as well. Different stain types react differently to a shampooing treatment, but in most cases, stain removal or reduction is likely to happen, provided that the correct cleaning solvents and shampoo are being used.

If you have a stain that doesn't seem to go away, consider contacting professional furniture cleaners to help you get rid of it.

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What are the benefits of upholstery shampooing?

In addition to the aforementioned capability to remove a stain from your carpet, sofa or mattress, upholstery shampooing can be an excellent way to maintain your furniture and help preserve its quality. Through thorough shampooing, professional furniture cleaning experts can help remove dirt, food particles, and residual staining that will be present all over the fabric of any well-used furniture.

It also helps to eliminate strange odors that may be coming from your upholstery and also helps enhance the environmental quality of your living room or bedroom.

What kind of upholstery should i use shampooing services on?

At The Healthy Home®, we provide furniture shampooing services for all appropriate furniture that is safe to shampoo on. This will usually depend on the fabric and make of the upholstery in question, but typically includes the following:

You can always contact us to inquire regarding if your furniture should or shouldn't be treated with shampoo. Alternatively, we also provide other types of cleaning services to best suit your needs.

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