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There are plenty of pest control services in Kuwait to choose from, however, if you want to keep your home’s healthy environment under your control there are some quick and easy precautions you can take yourself. From enforcing healthy habits amongst family members to encouraging a healthy lifestyle in your day-to-day, pest control can be managed easily. 

At The Healthy Home, your health and wellness are our top priority. Our pest control services in Kuwait are eco-friendly and government-certified. We’re available whenever you need an extra helping hand. In the meantime, here are 10 ways you can control pests.

Maintain clean and healthy habits

A healthy lifestyle starts by creating a healthy environment at home. Teach children how to eat a well-balanced diet and clean after themselves after they make a mess. This will not only save you time and energy in cleaning after them, but will nurture healthy adults who live by healthy habits for the rest of their lives. Pests will be kept at bay in a clean environment. 

Seal all gaps

One of the first steps to pest control is to make sure they have no way to enter your home. Seal all gaps, cracks and openings as soon as you spot them. 

Store food away promptly and properly

Food items that are left out in the open attract unwanted attention, and you would then need added pest control to get rid of them. Storing food away quickly and efficiently also help you live in a healthy environment and is important for your health and wellness.

Get regular home repairs and maintenance done 

Rusted metals, damaged wood and peeling paint not only look bad aesthetically but can contribute to the damage of your home’s healthy environment. You don’t want to give pests more areas to breed in. 

Keep your home clean and tidy

A clean, tidy and well-kept home will keep bugs and pests to a minimum. Declutter corners and storage rooms so you don’t come across surprise ‘guests’ like pests. It can be difficult to sort through years of clutter, so taking part in ‘spring cleaning’ at least every season will help maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Keep the kitchen and bathroom dry

Damp, humid and wet areas like those in the kitchen and bathroom are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. With ever prevalent viruses, it is even more crucial that you keep these areas dry and clean to keep pests away.

Unblock any vents and drains

AC vents and plumbing drains can be attractive homes for pests like cockroaches and other insects. Call a professional like us to help you keep these areas clean.

Take care of pets and other animals

Your cats, dogs, and even the goldfish in the tank are important members of your household, so make sure to keep them and their living environments clean and healthy. Check that their food is not left out for too long and that their accessories and equipment are always clean.

Maintain plants and gardens

Unruly plants, weeds, shrubs, and bushes are breeding grounds for pests and rodents. Make sure your soil is healthy and clean. This is important for the health and wellness of your family and other animals as well. 

Call professional pest control services in Kuwait

Like The Healthy Home! Our eco-friendly and expert pest control services are well-versed in any pests, bugs, and mites you may have in your home.

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We have some of the top eco-friendly pest control services in Dubai that you can rely on. We come fully prepared with all equipment and tools so you don’t have to worry about a thing. 

Contact us today and take control of your family’s health and wellness. 

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