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Interesting facts about Sofas that are not cleaned for 12 months

How often do you get sofa cleaning?

Most people are not familiar with sofa cleaning services in Kuwait because they don’t feel the need to have the treatment done to their couches, but did you know that on average, the dirtiest piece of furniture in your home is your couch? Makes sense when you think about how much use it gets. All those spillages, dust, grime, and unlike your carpet, it’s probably not something you ever consider cleaning. 

So much dirt can build up over time on your sofas in Kuwait due to the weather and constant use of the AC, which is why it’s necessary to book sofa cleaning services in Kuwait at least once every 6 months. Below are some interesting facts about un-cleaned sofas and the amount of dust and dirt they can accumulate over time.

Do low-traffic sofas need to be cleaned as well?

Yes, regardless of if you use your sofa on a regular basis or not, your upholstery will still be affected by dust and dirt particles in the air, and any contact it has from traffic coming in, such as air from an un-serviced AC as the dust particles from the AC would land on the sofa – so a healthy professional sofa cleaning service in Kuwait by professionals such as The Healthy Home, every 8-10 months will help keep your upholstery in tip-top shape.

What kind of dirt can build up on sofas?

Upholstery that sees a large amount of traffic will require a different cleaning schedule. For example, commercial buildings that have sofas and chairs for clients to sit on will see a ton of different types of traffic. They may end up soiled by sweat, oils, dirt, bad odors, animal hair, and more. Many homes in Kuwait have large families or see a lot of visitors and are likely to have much more visits to the couches and love seats and will need someone who provides sofa cleaning services in Kuwait done on them thoroughly, more often, at least every 6 months.

sofa cleaning, cleaning sofa

Who provides sofa cleaning services in Kuwait?

There are a number of sofa cleaning service providers in Kuwait, but The Healthy Home are one of the most experienced and reputable ones in the region, considering the fact that they have been around since 2012. The reason The Healthy Home stands out from the rest of the competitors is because many sofa cleaning services in Kuwait tend to follow a non-healthy process where they constantly use water and chemicals on upholstery and refrain from sanitizing which can cause mold and further stains in the future; whereas The Healthy Home uses the best and latest equipment, and chemical-free products to keep your home safe in all our services. Click here to learn more about The Healthy Home’s sofa cleaning treatment.

Unclean sofas will affect its appearance

Keeping your upholstery clean will maintain its appearance, keeping colors bright and textures as they should be. Cleaning also eliminates stains and odor; dirt and grime is even more important if you have pets – prolonged exposure to such pollutants may degrade your upholstery. Kuwait's weather doesn’t help with keeping your sofas clean either as the heat and dust would just make them dirtier, which is why it’s important to look into sofa cleaning services in Kuwait and have the treatment performed at least once every 6 months.

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