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In a country like Kuwait, your AC works harder than your vehicle, and it needs scheduled AC maintenance just as much. Here are seven AC service tips to keep your indoor comfort levels high and AC repair costs low:

1- Pay attention to your AC maintenance

You keep an eye on your vehicle's performance and keep an ear out for unusual noises. Do the same with your cooling systems. You will know there's an issue somewhere in the AC system if it's rattling, banging, grinding, or buzzing.

Performance concerns such as poor air movement, thermostat issues, or puddles around your interior unit are all examples of this. If you detect any problems, do not worry and contact The Healthy Home for assistance. The sooner you treat the problem, the less harm it can cause and this will lower the expense of AC repair.

2- Schedule annual AC cleaning

Every spring before the summer sets in, you should complete your AC maintenance. Up to 95% of all AC repairs can be avoided with regular maintenance. It will also keep your system running at full capacity for maximum interior comfort, and it can save you up to 40% on energy bills. Preventive AC maintenance also helps to increase the life of your equipment.

3- Replace your air filters

Ideally, your filters should be replaced every 30 to 90 days with the amount of dust and sand in the air. Check your filters every month for dirt and clogs. Some systems need filter changes every month and AC cleaning; others can go up to six months without a change. The more people who live in your household and the more pets you have, the more often your filters will need to be changed. Operating your HVAC with a dirty or clogged filter can quickly and severely damage your equipment and this would not be a healthy environment for you or your family.

4- Clean your vents

If your AC unit has visible ducts, then you should vacuum the vents often to keep dust and dirt from building up there and obstructing airflow. Keeping your home dust-free means a healthy environment for all. Also, remember to keep furniture and other household items away from vents, and check the airflow periodically to make sure that it’s not weak. If you notice weak airflow, have a skilled AC service technician check it out immediately.

5- Consider an AC maintenance plan

A preventive AC maintenance plan can ensure that you never miss out on the benefits of annual AC cleaning. A service plan may even entitle you to discounts on AC repair costs as well. You can always discuss this with any The Healthy Home expert and figure out what the best plan and cost is for you.

6- Upgrade your thermostat

Check the thermostat and see to it that the air conditioning control is properly working. You may consider upgrading it to a programmable or smart thermostat for you to maneuver the temperature easily with any handheld device like a smartphone. 

7- Don’t neglect your AC service

Ideally, all AC maintenance issues can be prevented with regular AC cleaning. Let an expert assess and tune up your system before the summer hits its peak. It’s relatively inexpensive (unlike what most homeowners believe). Plus, you can save yourself from making emergency AC repair calls when your system stops working during the hottest months of the year.

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