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The Importance Of Disinfecting The Mattress With Professional Mattress Cleaning

How Professional Mattress Cleaning Can Help In Eliminating Dust Mites

Can you imagine the number of mites currently living on your mattress? Brace yourself – it could be anywhere between a hundred thousand to ten million, depending on the age of the mattress. Ten million mites and bugs living right there in your mattress where you sleep every day – scary, right? It is a direct risk to our health. As the number of these dust mites and bugs is great, getting rid of them fully can be impossible. But you can reduce them greatly by contacting someone that knows how to clean a mattress and is ready to tackle this issue efficiently.

Perhaps on more than one occasion, you have heard of that research that suggests “not making the bed” or allowing about two hours to pass before fixing it. Well, this theory is only partly true. It is imperative that we open the windows to let the air ventilate the bed. Now, according to immunologists, this will cause two things:

The action will kill the Dust Mites

We must remember that mites are classified as arthropods, i.e. that means that there is an exoskeleton around their bodies. Therefore, at death, that skin and that external skeleton will remain attached to our sheets, pillows, and mattresses, being a focus of danger for any allergic person. To get rid of the dust mites, it would be best to book a professional mattress cleaning service. The cleaner knows how to clean a mattress and will get rid of the pest regardless of the dust mites size.

It is normal to change the sheets every week and, with this, we renew the bed and the danger of the mites but, what happens to the mattress? It is the part of the bed where dust mites are usually stored, both dead and alive, with their exoskeletons still attached. It is therefore essential to schedule mattress cleaning services at least once a time in month, to ensure the removal of dust mites. Professional cleaners are trained and know how to clean the mattress, they will make sure to clean off all the pests, regardless of the dust mites size.

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Health Effects of mites

Dust mites size is microscopic, they can be classified as arachnids that can very well pass through the sheets from the mattress. They still pose a danger even if you change your sheets regularly.

Allergic reactions can be a result of two things: from the feces of the mites to the dead dust mites themselves. That is why, even if the ventilation of your bed is ensured and you decide not to clean it, your skeletons will remain attached to the fabric causing health problems.

One of the most common symptoms for your health is suffering allergies, symptoms that begin with red eyes, tearing, runny nose, asthma, cough, sneezing, and sore throat.

Waking up with many blemishes in the eyes is also usually an effect of these little evils.

Various health issues such as insomnia, skin problems and headaches are also conditions that we must consider.

But don’t be alarmed because the number one mattress cleaning and disinfection company in Kuwait is already here. We at The Healthy home offer you the following benefits with our four-level cleaning process.


We perform disinfection and sanitization services for your mattresses and sofas. Our experts know how to clean a mattress the right way and will make sure to perform mattress cleaning services that will leave you enjoying comfort and safety for a long time.

Eliminate 99.99% of mites, fungal spores, and volatile bacteria. Due to dust mites size being tiny it is impossible to fully eradicate them. However, the mattress cleaning done by professionals that know how to clean a mattress will reduce their numbers greatly.

Decreases allergies, rhinitis, headaches, and respiratory problems. Due to the disinfection services performed the changes of any health issues are greatly reduced. Mattresses are places where we rest, and the existence of dust mites can be problematic for our health with each passing day. Making sure to schedule professional mattress cleaning can severely reduce health issues.

Our professional mattress cleaning allows the use immediately after the sterilization process, unlike other wet methods. While cleaning yourself the process can be long and you may have to wait for some time to use your mattress as it dries up from the cleaning. Professional mattress cleaning services done by experts possessing the correct know-how to clean a mattress can provide you with swift and effective results.

Ecological process is not dangerous for people. The mattress cleaning service provided by us is performed using eco-friendly technology, you can rest assured knowing that your mattress is being carefully cleaned by someone that knows how to clean a mattress resulting in a safe and healthy environment.

Especially indicated for allergic, asthmatic, children, elderly, and pregnant people. Our experts perform disinfection services on your mattress making sure there is no bacterial element to cause any allergic reaction in your home.

Getting a professional mattress cleaning service from The Healthy Home will be the safest bet for you. Our “Pure Sleep” service is specially designed to eliminate dust mites, bacteria, and bed bugs right from the depths of your mattress, this is performed by professionals that know how to clean a mattress correctly. We offer our mattress cleaning services in Kuwait, making your sleeping space a healthy place since you will probably spend one-third of your life on it. Our Pure Sleep service is a complete package to turn your mattress as if you have bought it right out of the showroom.

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