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Premium Full AC Cleaning Services from The Healthy Home

Why is AC Cleaning important?

Your AC or HVAC system is a complex system that keeps your home cool and breezy regardless of how hot or humid it can be outside. In countries like Kuwait for example, having a functioning AC is not only important, it is absolutely necessary. You will be using your AC for extended periods of time, which is why AC cleaning is very important.

Our AC cleaning services in Kuwait are among the best. We have certified AC technicians who will be able to thoroughly clean and sanitize every part of your AC, whether you have a split AC or you require AC cleaning of an indoor unit and its vents, ducts, and grills.

Our Full AC Cleaning service consists of dismantling many of your AC parts in order to clean and sanitize them individually with care, then reassembling the AC again. We take great care to ensure all parts, such as AC coils, AC ducts, AC grills, and more, are all properly and carefully disinfected and cleaned for maximum safety and cleanliness.

For a top-of-the-line and fully comprehensive AC cleaning service, you should only choose professional AC cleaning companies in Kuwait. The Healthy Home® is one such company, we have been conducting AC cleaning in Kuwait since 2013 and only use the latest in AC cleaning technology and cleaning products. We prioritize your health and wellness with our services, and we know that a properly cleaned AC leads to better breathing, better sleep, and fewer allergy triggers!

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How do professional AC cleaners conduct thorough AC cleaning?

Simply put, our expert AC cleaning technicians know the ins and outs of all common AC systems and are therefore able to identify all areas that require cleaning. We ensure complete cleaning and sanitization of AC ducts, the indoor unit itself, the external parts, condenser coils, and evaporator coils, as well as the grills and vents, and all other AC parts.

All you need to do is contact us in order to have your AC inspected and thoroughly cleaned by our experts!

How often should I do full AC cleaning?

It is highly recommended to book this service at least once a year for such hot and humid climates where the AC will always be switched on. Additionally, it is also recommended to book our Premium AC Duct Cleaning service every 3 months in order to keep the AC ducts cleaned throughout the year!

What are the benefits of full AC cleaning from The Healthy Home® ?

We offer the most comprehensive and thorough AC cleaning services. Our AC cleaning team pays close attention to all the details when cleaning an AC or HVAC unit. Our services bring you backed and proven benefits such as:

  • Better Sleep
  • Better Breathing
  • Fewer Asthma and Allergy Triggers
  • Lower AC Energy Bill Costs

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