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What is IEQ & Why Is It Important?

We all know that it is a well-documented fact that people spend almost 90% of their time indoors – either at home, office, malls or buildings. Therefore, it becomes extremely important to consider not just the air pollution but indoor air pollution as well. In most cases, indoor air pollution should be more important than the outer one. You have already heard about the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) which comprises of the quality of air inside the buildings that you are breathing. Now another term has come up into the public domain which is Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ).

IEQ involves a series of complex combinations that include Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), noise disturbance, room temperature, occupant density, indoor lighting, cleanliness and measures aimed at protecting an individual’s mental health. All these factors add up to what we call IEQ and it simply illustrates the importance of building engineering in shaping the health of the occupants living/working inside. There is much more than simply providing clean air inside the buildings for the inhabitants but rather a multitude of factors are involved mentioned above. The Healthy Home is a company based in Dubai who have been focused on improving the IEQ in Dubai since 2013. All of our treatments are completely eco-friendly and they improve the indoor air quality tremendously.

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The Healthy Home® collaborates with the best Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) accredited laboratories in the UAE that use state-of-the-art technology to determine contamination levels and provide you with exact reporting on count of bacteria, mold and other microorganisms pre and post application of our sanitization & disinfection solutions.

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