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Pure Living® Curtain Treatment

Regardless of size, curtains play a big part in pulling any room together. With that in mind, it’s important they’re kept looking clean and in good condition for maximum appeal. Most of the time our Pure Living® Curtain Treatment will remove any dust or small stains, but eventually they’ll need to be replaced. We at The Healthy Home® want to ensure that not only is your indoor air quality of the highest standard and your home and surrounding environment is fully sanitized, but also that the highest quality products that help improve your indoor environment are available to you as a Healthy Home customer.

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The Healthy Home is not only one of the top carpet cleaning companies in Dubai, but also provides eco-friendly and safe products.

We also provide medical-grade curtains and anti-bacterial fabric treatment that lasts up to 30 washes to hospitals, clinics, schools as well as nurseries. This curtain sanitization and anti-bacterial treatment keeps your fabric free of molds, bacteria, and pathogens, ensuring the highest quality of surface and environment cleanliness.

Curtain cleaning services in Dubai like to use chemicals and water to remove stains, However, at The Healthy Home®, we have made sure that the safety of your family and home comes first with our dry and chemical-free curtain cleaning in process:

We use the option of dry vacuuming and sanitization that guarantees the results your carpet and home needs for a safer environment by using:

  • Specialized industrial-strength pulsating vacuum device with HEPA filtration, which is 11x stronger than a regular household vacuum cleaner.
  • Steam sanitization at 180°C killing any remaining bacteria, viruses, impurities, and dries in less than 1 minute, eliminating mold generation chances.
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Benefits Of Our House Cleaning Services

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    Protected healthier family

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    Boosts Immune System

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    Allergy & asthma relief

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    Bacteria free environment

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